Monday, December 5, 2016

December Goals!

Good morning, Monday! 

I'm currently working through pink eye and a cold, but we have Matt's birthday tomorrow and fun Christmas activities planned for the week, so I'm full stream fake-it-til-I-make-it this week. No time for colds in December!

Real quick, here's a recap from November. November was a BUSY!

Christmas Shop- start and finish
Done! Well all but one gift. And of course it's a men's gift. Might be referring to my own gift guide to find something great this week! If you missed my gift guides, you can check them out here:

Design and order Christmas card
I am so excited about our Christmas card this year! This stage of littles we're in is not super ideal for the posed, smile-at-the-camera shot, so I'm really happy about the one we got! If you don't get a card in the mail from us, I always post our card on here and Instagram on Christmas Day every year, so stay tuned!

Make 12-Days-of-Christmas plan for December
You can see our plan here. :)

Get away with Matt
Ahhh, what a trip! We haven't been away for two nights somewhere since Ryan was born, and man was it fun! We took two pictures while we were away- one on our first night and one on our last morning:

I think the best part was walking to breakfast lunch and dinner, eating for as long as we liked, talking about whatever we wanted to talk about (and completing every conversation!), and watching a movie in the middle of the day in our room. It was SO relaxing!

We also go these sweet pictures from my parents while we were gone, which made our trip even better knowing that our kiddos were having so much fun with their Nonna and Papa! They are the BEST!

Share 3 New Recipes

Pumpkin Cheesecake (recipe here)

Apple Cinnamon Overnight French Toast (recipe here)

Beef Wellington (recipe here)

Read Simply Tuesday
I read but didn't love it, unfortunately. :/ You can read my full review here.

My goals for December are simple- enjoy the sweetness of this season as we work through the activities we have planned for our 12 Days of Christmas. And I'll probably share a few new recipes and read a book too. :)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing 5 of our new favorite children's book centered around the reason we celebrate Christmas- Jesus! See you tomorrow!



  1. What kind of jeans do you wear. I'm looking for a stylish pair that will withhold running around with my kiddos. Thanks

    1. Citizens of Humanity have been my favorite fit for comfort and durability (oh how what we look for in a pair of jeans changes after kids!). My favorite pair of Citizens I've worn for the last 5 years! I also like Banana Republic's skinny jeans and Loft's skinny cords (buy down a size in these). Hope that helps!