Monday, June 6, 2016

June Goals + an updated Recipes tab!

We are home from vacation and getting back into the groove around here. I'm prepared for Ryan to have a tough time when daddy goes to work in a couple hours. I mean let's be honest, I'm going to have a hard time watching him go to work. ;)

I'll be back tomorrow to share pictures from our trip- we had the best time! ...Today is all about my goals for the month.

But before I get to my goals for June, here's a recap from May:
Read Jesus Calling Every Morning
I would say I read 90% of the mornings this month and caught up on the days I missed. Lately, I view everything through the lens of "this stage of life," so I'm going to count 90% as a win.

Update the "Recipes" Tab
This is complete! I love how it turned out and think you will too!
You can check it out here.

Thanks to Tricia Nae for making it look so good!

Give Myself a Mani-Pedi
This worked out even better than I was hoping- Matt took Ryan and Natalie to our nephew's soccer game one afternoon, and I got my nails and toes done! Bless him.

Now onto my goals for June:

Book our vacation
Matt and I are giving ourselves to next Saturday to book our family vacation before the entire months of June and July pass us right by. Truth be told, we spent nap time yesterday booking a place that we were SO excited about and then for the life of us could not figure out a manageable way to get there without flying/driving all day. We still haven't canceled the reservation because we're both hoping by some miracle a direct flight will suddenly appear. More to come on this, but suffice it to say, we are back to the drawing board again! Wah wah. 

Read Me Before You
A preview for this movie came on TV and Matt said, "That has your name written all over it." Haha, he knows me well. So this month, I want to read the book so that maybe we can see the movie (the maybe being maybe I can stay awake for the movie). ;) #thestruggleisreal

Create 2 new recipes
I brought 3 Southern Living magazines on our trip last week and got through 75% of one, but I did find two new recipe ideas in that 75% that I want to recreate this month- stay tuned for those posts.

Order Natalie's Stats sign
When Ryan was born, I ordered a cute sign from this shop on Etsy that showed all of his stats from the day he was born. And since I still pause when people ask what Natalie's birthday is, I figure a sign with all the info won't hurt. ;)

That's it for June!
See you tomorrow for a recap of our trip!



  1. That is so funny! Our children are very close in age and although my son's birthday rolls right off my tongue, I also have to stop and think about my daughter's birth date. What's up with that haha?! You will love Me Before You. I'm reading the sequel right now. It's ok, but I don't think it's as good as the first one.

    1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Haha. And good to know about the book- I had no idea there's a sequel too!