Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June's Mid-Month Confessions

It's confessions time! Each month, Elizabeth and I like to share our crazy will y'all, but this month, Elizabeth is off enjoying some no-kid, girl-time at the beach, so it's just me sharing today. Hopefully my list will suffice for some good laughs or will make you feel better about your own crazy moments. ;)
Here goes!
All of these events happened in one day:
- I left my credit card in a parking lot (and miraculously found it when I went back 2 hours later)
-Made my mom an appetizer of string cheese and crackers because I was out of "real" cheese, and us "McKenzie" girls (my maiden name)  love our cheese and cracker appetizers.
-Got this text from a friend:
-Cooked broccoli in the microwave without putting the broccoli in the microwave. #mamaistired

Ryan picked up a bag of Skittles the other day and said, "It's edamame, Mommy!"
Bless his sheltered little heart. ;)

I record 4 hours of the Today Show every day in hopes of watching the two minute intro so that I can at least be aware of major events happening in the world. Which again points to my being born in the wrong generation that I don't use my phone for these things.

The teacher in me can't help but use Daniel Tiger as a lesson plan: we watch the "Thank You Day" episode when we'll be going somewhere that involves thanking other people for their invitation, the "Problem Solver Daniel" episode when Ryan's been frustrated with his puzzles or toys, and the "Thinking about what Other's Need" episode when his little toddler mindset is strong. Because of this, I am totally aware that Ryan will very soon be saying "MOM!" when I try to make teachable moments out of I'ma need to Matt to help me with this I know. ;)

I'm also not afraid to bust out a DT song when I'm in public if the moment warrants it, as proven by this text I got from another friend this morning:

Before bed one night, I took my shower and was putting on lotion and realized I only shaved one leg. But I was too tired to get back in so I just went with it.

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  1. Hahahaha totally guilty of forgetting to shave a leg and did the exact same thing.... Didn't go back. Just said ahh. Il do it tomorrow :)

  2. I also love catching those news mash ups, catches me up nicely. I also get a daily newsletter from a site called The Skimm, have you ever heard of it? It's a good recap of important news stories and pretty funny at times too. Not quite as good as a visual though.

    1. Yes I have heard of that! I used to get their email but don't anymore for some reason. I need to check to see if it's going to my spam folder- good reminder!

  3. Ah Heather you had me laughing out loud for these! Love it!

    1. Glad I can give you a good laugh friend! 😘

  4. Back in college, I was guilty of only shaving my legs up to my knees, haha.