Friday, October 9, 2015

This or That?! Getting to know E and ME...

Today is all about getting to know Elizabeth and me a little more.

We thought it would be fun to share some random facts about ourselves and see if any of you lovely people can relate. So we picked some either-or categories and shared what we prefer, but we want to hear from you too!

So after you read Elizabeth's answers below, and check out my answers over at her blog, leave us a comment and let us know if you're tracking with what we love. :) 

Meet Elizabeth:

Can we talk about how cute this picture is? The plaid, the tongue, the this-is-how-we-family-picture-these-days grin from E (how cute is her outfit btw?!)... I just love everything about this.

In case you are new about here, Elizabeth and I like to collaborate on a few posts each month:
On the 15th of every month, we write a Mid-Month Confessions post and invite you all to link up your own confessions with ours. This makes our crazy seem a little less normal- that is the goal, right?! You can check out previous confessions posts here (mine) and here (Elizabeth's), and we hope you join us next week for the next confessions link-up!

And then at the end of each month, we share our Favorite Finds for the month: books we're loving, recipes we've tried, shoes we've bought, blogs we've read... if we've loved it that month, it makes the list. You can check out previous Favorite Finds posts here (mine) and here (Elizabeth's).

We both love writing and connecting with other people, so blogging for us is a chance to do both. We love hearing from people who read and/or think they "stalk" our blogs... so don't be a stranger! (P.S. We are blog stalkers too) We're really not super cool big-time bloggers, so we'll actually respond if you email us or leave a comment with a question. ;)

Here are a few on E's most recent posts that I loved:

If you haven't stopped by her blog yet, check her out!

Okay, on to our lists!

Here are E's picks:

1. Soda or Iced Tea - Soda (I've given up Diet Coke about 15 times, but I've given up on giving it up for now. I'm die hard.)
2. Early bird or night owl - Early bird (ish)
3. Pancake or Waffle - Waffle
4. Team Fitz or Team Jake - Team Jake (I'm about three seasons behind, but I think I'm Jake.)
5. Statement earrings or statement necklace - Statement necklace
6. Walk or Run - Walk (with an iced coffee and a podcast)
7. Pencil or Pen - Pen (see my favorite here)
8. Cake or Pie - Cake
9. Paper Book or E-Reader - E-Reader (I LOVE books, but I made the full switch after Sam was born because it is SO much easier to read while nursing, rocking, etc.)
10. Beer or Wine - Wine (white)
11. Yoga or Pilates - Yoga (the one time a year I do it)
12. Bath or Shower - Shower (I haven't taken a bath since 1999. Truth.)
13. Cook or Eat Out - Eat Out
14. Ketchup or Ranch - Ranch (I despise ketchup.)
15. Dress or Pants - ? (I prefer jeans mostly, but I wear a good mix of pants and dresses for work.)
16. Apple or PC - Apple (I made the switch three years ago and never looked back.)
17. TV or Movie - TV (I always fall asleep watching movies.)
18. Flats or Heels - Flats (99.5% of the time)
19. Skittles or M&Ms - Skittles
20. Mountains or Beach - Mountains
21. Fruits or vegetables - Fruit
22. See the world or find a favorite vacation spot - See the world
23. Spender or saver - Spender (Thankfully, I married a saver, or I'd be in trouble!)
24. Suspenseful movie or romantic comedy - Romantic Comedy
25. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel - Roller Coaster

Couple things on E's list- walking with an iced coffee and podcasts sounds glorious. I really need to join the 2010s and figure out the whole podcast thing. I feel like I would quite enjoy that little routine of hers. Now if only we lived closer and could make those walks together... (fun fact: we have never met in real life) ;)

Also, totally agree on the E-reader! I never read on an e-reader before Ryan was born (after my previous comment about podcasts, this is probably not surprising).

And lastly, no bath since 1999?! I am cracking up. I get one in at least once a week.

Okay, you can check out my answers here!

And last but not least, it's FRIDAY friends! For us, that means we eat dinner all together, do bath and books and put Ryan down, watch a show on DVR (most likely one Wheel of Fortune and then Scandal because we are both old souls trying to be trendy), and then we both read in bed before crashing somewhere after 10 (if we make it that far).

Yep. We party hard on Fridays.

Have a great weekend!!


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