Friday, October 2, 2015

October Goals + WINNERS!

Well September just FLEW by.

Now it is officially Fall, I'm a year older, and I'm over half way through this pregnancy- 21 weeks tomorrow! It's crazy how fast pregnancy feels the second time around.

September was such a fun month with our family beach trip, my birthday, and Ryan walking all over the place and talking up a storm. These days are FUN.

Before I get to my goals for October, here's a recap of what went down with September's... and a lot went down! I feel like my first trimester exhaustion tends to bleed a good ways into the second, but once I'm back to my normal energy level like I've felt all of this month, I feel like I'm back to my normal go-go-go self and I love it. I don't do well when things aren't getting done!

1. Buy Ryan Shoes
We got Ryan his first pair of shoes (found here) and he LOVES them! He asks to put them on when he wakes up in the morning and prefers to wear them all day, eve when we're inside. He is quite proud of his new shoes! 

2. Schedule a dentist appointment
I have an appointment scheduled for this month and my sweet mother-in-law is going to keep Ryan while I go.

3. Shutterfly Books
I made 4 Shutterfly books this month and man did it feel good to get those done! Three have arrived and one is on its way. And the best part is between their promotions and various coupon codes I found (FYI Stonyfield Organic Yobaby Yogurt has a $20 coupon code on their 6-pack of yogurts right now), the most I paid for any one of them was $14 including shipping! Man I love a good deal.

These are the books I made:
Ryan's Newborn Photos
Ryan's Birth Story
My Family Book: A Picture Book of Ryan's Family
Ryan's First Year (this is serving as Ryan's baby book and took a loooong time to make, but I am SO glad I took the time to do it and can't wait for it to arrive!)

Shutterfly now offers an option to add a clear memorabilia pocket to the back of the photo books for just $1.99. This is perfect for storing little keepsakes (like the little lock of hair from his first haircut) along with your pictures. I love that they offer this feature now!

4. Read The Last Lecture and For the Love
My mom suggested The Last Lecture to me and felt like it was such an inspiring story. Mama, I love you, and I have loved many other books you have suggested, but I did not love this book. I hate to speak poorly about someone who has passed away but I don't feel like the way he chose to spend the last months of his life did any favors to his family. I just felt like the focus was all wrong and honestly very self-absorbed- definitely not what I was expecting when opening a book about a husband and father who wanted to leave something behind for his family. It's possible that I was rubbed the wrong way early on by a few of his words/decisions and viewed the rest of his writing through that lens, but that was my overall impression. (And that is probably the meanest review I've even written on a book so sorry for that! Some things are just not worth sugarcoating).

For the Love on the other hand was one of the BEST books I have ever read. I wrote a full review on it here and Elizabeth (who also read it this month) and I decided we needed to give one away to one of you (winner at the bottom of this post!) because it was just so good. This will definitely be a book I read again and again as my babies grow.

5. Buy a Grill
We bought a grill! I am SUPER pumped about what we ended up getting.
This grill retails for $399, but when we went to the store, the associate helping us said they had one already assembled that was returned after one use and that they usually only resell those to employees, but if we'd like it he would would give it to us for $200- with the same warranties, return policy, etc. that come with a brand new grill.

Umm, YES. We'll go with that one, thanks.

It is commercial grade and has the infrared technology that cooks faster and more evenly and supposedly makes everything taste juicier (not sure how I feel about that word). After 8 years with a George Foreman (you've been good to us George), we are pumped to try out our new fancy grill!

And okay maybe even more pumped that we got it for 50% off.

So that's it for September! Now here's what I'm planning to knock off my list in October:

1. Design our Christmas Card
I know it's October, but I like to have this done early and leave time for stuffing, stamping, addressing, etc. In the past I've printed labels with all of our addresses, so I need to go through that list as well and make sure it's up to date. If I find a good sale, I may order the cards, but if not I'll wait until right after Thanksgiving when Shutterfly runs their biggest Christmas card sale.

2. Read Girl on The Train
I've heard tons of great things and there are lots of great reviews on Amazon (over 34,000?!), so I'm excited to read this book this month.

3. Order Bedding and a Rug for the Nursery
I am excited about shopping of these things this month! Shopping and decorating for little girls is fun. :)

4. Put Crib Together
We ordered the crib last month but need to put it together. My parents and I did this together for Ryan's crib one weekend when Matt was out of town, so I think we may do that again one day while Matt is at work and Ryan is napping. I just love getting to do things like this with them because then I think about them as being a part of the nursery setup whenever I'm in the room.

5. Visit Ikea
There are a couple of things I want to get for Baby Girl's room from here and a few other things I want to look at as potential purchases. This store is not too far from our house, but it is HUGE and feels a tad overwhelming and time consuming when you visit. So this month, I want to make sure I go and get what we need.

6. Start the Couch to 5k
Okay, I know if you know me in real life you just went, "WHaaaaaaT?!!" But believe it or not, I have actually been running on occasion with Ryan and Tally. And more shocking than that, I have been liking it. I know. I can't believe it either. So this month, my friend Andrea and I decided we would start being more intentional with our exercise and running, and when she suggested the Couch to 5k idea, I loved it. If you've never heard of it, you can check it out here.

And now it is time to announce the

$31 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway goes to:
Lauren Fruge
And a copy of For the Love will be mailed to
Lauren May Richards

Congratulations to you BOTH!
Check your email and IG account for details on how to claim your prizes!

Happy Friday Friends!!



  1. i need to work on putting my photos into books! happy friday!

  2. Couch to 5K has a great app that tell you when to walk and when to run & it lets you play your own music! Also, you know who to call if you can't find crib bedding you like! ;)

  3. Ryan looks like such a little boy with shoes!

  4. OMG look at him in those little shoes!!!

  5. Every single person I know who's read For The Love has raved about it, so I definitely think that needs to be the next book on my list! I read Girl on the Train a few months ago and really enjoyed definitely kept me guessing! And way to start running (while pregnant, at that!)!!! :)