Friday, February 27, 2015

February Favorite Finds

Elizabeth and I are back for another round of Favorite Finds! You can check out her post here. And we'd love to hear what you're loving right now at the bottom of our posts!

Ryan's Car

I mentioned this car in yesterday's post. I got it as a shower gift from one of my students before Ryan was born, and we decided to get it out this week for him to try. He LOVES it! Yes, it is a big piece of plastic that I said I would never have in my house, but seeing his face light up when he makes the car make a noise is worth every inch that that plastic is currently taking up in our living room. :)
It's called the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Car and it's pretty much the bomb. You can check it out here!

Solly "Dolly" Wrap
So if you follow me on IG or have read this blog since Ryan's been born, you know I'm obsessed with my Solly Baby Wrap. Well look at what they are launching next month:

I mean. How stinking cute is THAT?! 

And now I want a girl. And then I want this wrap.

And while I'm on the topic, Elle is one of my favorite people to follow on IG. Her business has grown a TON in the last year, but she is still just as down-to-earth as ever. And her husband (who side note looks like Joel from Parenthood I think) has the coolest IG account of anyone I follow. Like I felt inspired to talk more quality pictures after looking at his page. So now you probably think I'm slightly obsessed and stalkerish, but I bet you secretly wanna check out their pages too, so here they are: Elle's and Jared's. I won't tell. ;)

Quinoa Chips
I bought these on an impulse in the TJ Maxx checkout line the other day (because I'm a marketer's dream and the guy in front of me bought like 7 bags and wouldn't stop talking about how good they are), and I have to say, they are GOOD! And I feel really trendy eating them, haha. They're like the potato chip version of VOSS water.

New way to make steaks
Okay, shameless plug for one of my newly posted recipes, but this really is my new favorite way to make steaks, so it's making my list for this month. You can check out the recipe here. {...and there's the plug}

State Farm Commercial
I don't usually watch commercials anymore since we rarely watch live TV, but I saw this one come on the other day and "had a moment" watching it. I just love it. Go State Farm.

She Reads Truth
A reader named Stephanie told me about the She Reads Truth app after I shared about looking for a good devotional in my February Goals post. I started using the app this month and love it! (Thanks, Stephanie!) I also fell in love with the She Reads Truth shop that is filled with TONS of great buys from prints, to scripture cards, to study resources. It is great!

And you know what else is great?!

For the next three days, they are offering 15% off to all Notes from the Nelsens and Sam & Scout Readers!

Just enter the code "NELSEN" at checkout and your discount will be applied!

The discount will expire Sunday at midnight.

That's it for this month! What are your favorite finds for this month?!



  1. YES. That State Farm commercial. I seriously almost put that also (I had no idea you were going to) because I love it SO much. It is SPOT ON. :) Great list. And now I need a Solly Dolly Wrap. ;)

  2. ohmygoodness, ryan in his awesome, sports car!! :) adorable! i've never seen that one before - i love it! looks like so much fun, and like there's so much to keep them busy! he is precious!
    that commercial got me so choked up when i saw it last month. i looked at steve and totally gave him the "awww wahh" face when it came on!
    i hope march is off to a great start for you!
    i ready your most recent posts, and i'm with ya all the way...come on spring (and spring is my least favorite season, hahaha, i'm just ready for warmth and playing outside)!
    have a wonderful night, heather!

  3. Glad you have loved She Reads Truth! So great! And that dolly wrap! Maybe our boys will want to carry their super heroes around.