Monday, February 2, 2015

February Goals

My you got here fast.

I love February. Here is Georgia, the cold days start to ease off, as do the typical wintery rainy days, and things start to feel a little more Springy.

As a teacher, I loved it for the Presidents' Day break too, so if you are a teacher, I know you are counting down the days to that next long weekend!

Annnd, this is cheesy (but then again, I just am cheesy), I love Valentine's Day.

I know, I know. Some people are super cynical about this day, but I happen to love it.
(However, if you are cynical about this day, or just want a good laugh, google search "valentine's ecards" ...there are some hilarious ones that are not entirely appropriate for this space but will definitely make you laugh)

Before I get into February's goals, here's how January's turned out:

Check! I read, I loved it, and I blogged about it here.

2. Restart a workout routine

1- P90X Ab Ripper
1- Nicole Stewart Pilates
2- Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred

I am SO glad I set this goal! These workouts were very doable and I am feeling so much better having this simple routine in place each week. I'm going to keep this goal for this month, but vary it up just a bit.

3. Clean my car
It didn't get done til last Friday the 30th, but it got done! A clean car is so much more enjoyable to drive than a dirty one.

4. Have a quiet time every day
Sadly, this is the one that I was not 100% successful with. I'm so competitive with myself that I actually thought halfway through the month that I wish I had made this goal less specific and written something like, "Be more intentional about having a quiet time" because THAT I have done. But everyday, not so much. SO, there's room for improvement, right?!

I will say, Matt set me up with a daily devotional plan through the YouVersion Bible App that emails me each day, so that has helped me be more consistent. But nonetheless, I do want to devote more time this next month in the area, so this goal will stay as well.

5. Wake up before Ryan
I feel so much better when I have time in the morning before anyone else wakes up to drink my coffee and get a few things done. I used to do this every day when I was working, so I'd like to do it at least a few days a week again. This will also help me accomplish #2 and #4. 

Notice how I didn't make this goal specific?! Well thanks to that, I can say I achieved it, haha. I would say I'm waking up before Ryan 3-4 days/week, which is really all I'm going for at this point. This mama is still tired and enjoys a few days to sleep a little longer when I can. :)

And now for my:

Cook fish once/week and introduce new veggies
Since reading French Kids Eat Everything, I've wanted to try to eat fresher and try new things that we may not love. Matt and I are pretty similar eaters- we like the same types of foods and don't branch out a ton from those items. So this month, I want to work on finding new ways to cook things that we don't typically eat so that we can grow to like new foods. We know that if we want Ryan to be a good eater, we need to be good eaters ourselves!

We got a head start on this goal Friday night when I made this dish for the first time! It was SO good! And the most amazing part is that I did not serve pasta as a side.


Our pediatrician spoke at MOPs last week and talked about how he and his wife used this book with their own kids. It sounds great and I enjoyed the adult version when I read it, so I figured I would give this one a try this month.

Keep up with my simple workout routine
This month, I want to keep the 4 day/week simple-workouts goal, but change up the routine a bit. None of these workouts are over 30 minutes, but the consistency of doing 4 simple workouts a week was really good for me last month so I want to keep that going.
1- Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shredlevel 2
2- Nicole Stewart Pilates (one Total Body Pilates and one Leg Slimmer)
1- P90X Ab Ripper

Do a daily devotional
I realize I failed at the daily part of this last month, but I'm going to shoot for making this happen because I need it! Whether it's reading Jesus Calling or reading the daily devotional on my phone, I want to be intentional about making this happen every day.

Learn how to use my PMD
I bought this through a Mint Arrow exclusive special before Christmas (50% off + free shipping!) but haven't taken the time to watch the DVD and learn how to use it. I know I will love it once I take the time to figure out how to use it, so this month, I'm making it a goal to start using it.

Find a picture table for our living room
I've been wanting to find a place to put up new pictures in our house, but I don't really want anything else on our walls, so I decided a skinny buffet-type table in our living room in the best bet. I'm hoping I can find one this month and finally print updated pictures of family and friends.

Plan a trip
Ahhh, I love those words. We haven't planned a trip since our babymoon almost one year ago! This will be our first trip with Ryan, and we can't wait!

If you missed Friday's post, Elizabeth and I shared our Favorite Finds for January and shared a $75 giveaway from The Animal Print Shop! You can check it out here.

Have a great week!



  1. Great goals! The 5 love languages is Fantastic and I'm sure the children's version will be especially helpful!

  2. Great job with your goals! The quiet time one is definitely tough, but so worth it.

    I'll be sharing my progress with my goals this week for January and setting my February goals.

  3. Did you read YoungHouseLove? They put (made) a skinny console table that went behind their couch-that could be a good idea for your picture table!!!

    1. Ahh, it would. Except that word "made" and I don't always get along. ;)

  4. You should look up the "She Reads" app. It is a great daily devotional geared towards women.