Monday, February 9, 2015

6 Month Stats and Photoshoot

Up until this point, I have somehow managed to take Ryan's monthly photos on the actual day he turned the next month, but this time, they got done this morning. He's been 6 months for 10 days. But at least I didn't forget completely!

I took these so fast, and sweet buddy was hungry and tired, but every time I've tried to take his pictures this month, there's been something that keeps them from happening, so I figured I would get them done anyway before the entire month passes and we skipped the 6 month pictures altogether.

So here they are! He's so grown up. For a look at everything he's been up to this past month, click here.

Tally looks like he's being sweet, but you'll notice in these next pics, his eyes are really on the bear. ;)

Also, the winner of the Animal Print Shop giveaway was Carrie S. 
Congratulations, Carrie!

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. So sweet! Crazy that he's already 6 months.

  2. What sweet pictures! That was a quick 6 months! He's a cutie for sure :)

  3. He is gosh darn adorable! And I love seeing babies with their pups! It's just the best!