Thursday, January 29, 2015

#nelsendays2015 weeks 3 & 4

Somehow two weeks have flown by, January is almost over, and we have a 6 month old. Where is the time going?!

Ryan turned six months yesterday, but we won't be able to go for his doctor's visit until next Wednesday, so I'm going to hold off on posting about this past month until we get his stats and such. I'm very curious to find out his height/weight- this boy is growing like a weed!

I posted here about our life lately, but here's a closer look at our last two weeks:

Day 15: 
Mall dates with Nonna are one of our favorite activities. As are lunch dates at Nordstom's Bistro Cafe elevator selfies. :)

Day 16:
Matt and I had one of the best meals we've had in a long time when we went out for a date last Friday, but we completely failed at documenting our night with a picture. This was our third attempt... and all three cut off Matt's face. haha. So we went with it. Oh and I have meatball in my teeth. Stellar shot.

Day 17:
Finally back at one of our favorite hike spots after too many rainy and cold weekends!

Day 18:
We went back the next day and brought Matt's mom with us. About half way through the hike, I realized I lost my phone. Less than a minute after we stopped to figure out what we should do, Matt's phone rang. A sweet man found my phone, gave us directions to his very nice home, and delivered my phone back to me WITH a pound of freshly ground coffee. What?! How nice is that?! If you're looking for good coffee from a company that gives back, check out Pheonix Community Coffee Co. It is really tasty!

Day 19:
This boo. He woke up from one of his naps about 30 minutes after I laid him down and then had this big grin to give me when I went to get him. :)

Day 20:
That Dr. Seuss sure knows how to write a good book. We broke out this collection of six books in one  before nap time, and Ryan wiggled and squealed through the whole thing. Had I not already posted my list of top 10 books, this one would have surely made the cut!

Day 21:
We have a new weekly routine of going to Aunt Karen's house and we bring the whole fam along, Tal included. I'm loving this stage we're in right now with our sweet kiddos, and Tally sure loves getting to go along for the fun!

Day 22:
Last week, I spent one nap trying to help Ryan learn how to sleep on his back (he's been a tummy sleeper since almost the beginning) since he had started accidentally flipping to his back in the middle of the night and didn't know what to do once he got there (poor buddy would look like an upside down turtle and be all sorts of confused!). Anyway, this is where we compromised with that nap. ;) But I am happy to say (someone knock on wood quick) that he has been doing SO much better and has either not flipped at all or gotten himself back to his tummy when he flips over on accident. I'm learning small victories in the sleeping department are actually quite huge. :)

Day 23:
Tally wedged himself behind Ryan's seat while I was getting ready. And then Ryan shot me the biggest grin when I went to snap a picture. :)

Day 24:
We spent last weekend at my parents' house in Monroe and walked downtown to the Winter Festival with my sister and her boys. We had such a great time! More on that here.

Day 25:
Sunday evening, the four of us (we count our dog as a person because we're crazy like that) took a walk through the park to end our weekend. Every Sunday I wish the weekends were longer!

Day 26:
Monday we met a friend of mine and her daughter at Souper Jenny and these two enjoyed a little date while their mamas enjoyed lunch. 

Day 27:
On Tuesday, I dropped Ryan off at the God's Little Garden nursery while I went to MOPs. It was so hard leaving him even for an hour and a half! I feel like he went from being an infant to a smiling, playing boy overnight. I was out of there fast to pick him up when it was over!

Day 28:
6 months old and scooting across the floor.. this little boo is growing up fast!

Don't forget to swing by tomorrow for a list of our favorite finds for January and a great giveaway!

See you then!


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