Monday, January 19, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Week 2- First solids, a date night in, and little men

I'm hoping some of you have today off for MLK. I used to love a good three-day weekend when I was teaching. It's amazing how one day can make such a difference in the week! I tried to convince Matt to take off today, but MLK Day apparently doesn't carry the weight that I want it to in the business world. In my mind, since he technically works for himself, he shouldn't have to work as much. Based on that thinking, I'd say it's probably a good thing that he's the one supporting us right now and not the other way around. :)

On a different note, to those of you who linked up to our Mid-Month Confessions hop last week, I loved reading your posts! I hope you were able to meet a new friend or two and find some encouragement through other people's misfortune, haha. Kidding- sort of. Lord knows I gave y'all enough to make you feel better about yourselves for a day! We'll host a new link-up each month, so if you didn't get to participate this month, start jotting down your confessions in your phone as they happen and join us in February. And if you're new to blogging and need help with the whole linking-up thing, feel free to shoot me an email {}.

Okay, here's a look at what we've been up to this past week! 

Day 8: This dog. He gets so excited every night when Matt gets home and immediately grabs a toy. This toy, he hasn't quite figured out yet. He carries it like this every time. And that smile, haha- love this pup.

Day 9: Date night in! These nights are typically in our pjs, but after a week of lounging with my sick little boo, wearing real clothes and putting on makeup seemed like a good idea. It made it feel more date-night-ish too! 

Day 10: I love Saturday mornings, and my getting ready fan club. ;)

Day 11: Ryan's first go at solids was a hit! Sweet buddy loved his apple and has since tried sweet potato, pears, and edamame (although he mainly likes sucking on the empty shell). More on his first food experience here.

Day 12: Ryan and I had an impromptu trip to the Mac store at the mall after I spilled a cup of water over my keyboard, and Andrea and her kiddos came to meet us! One guy around our age walked by us with a little smirk and said, "Wow that's a lot of stuff." HA! We don't travel lightly these days.

Update on the computer: It's a goner. :/ My air out trick that I shared in my confessions post didn't save it like I had hoped it would. But I was thankfully able to find a good deal on a new one and should be getting it early this week! So now I'm praying that the hard drive from the old one is salvageable so that I can restore some of the pictures and documents that I hadn't backed up yet. Going forward I need to be more intentional about backing up my data on a regular basis in case something like this happens again. Lesson learned. :/

Day 13: These boys make me happy. I snuck this pic while I was making dinner one night. Sometimes I wish time could freeze.

Day 14: Ryan and Reynolds- Andrea and I love our little men!

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Have a great week!



  1. My husband is in sales and he just shakes his head at all the teacher days I get ha. He always says "Oh, it's leap frog day, time for another day off!" Gotta love it haha!

  2. I loved my 3 day weekend! Haha Made a trip to Costco, got some laundry done and now tomorrow is already Wednesday. My husband works for the Dept. of Defense so he gets random days off like I do too and was off yesterday :) He is jealous of my spring break and winter break though.
    And my dog does the same thing with toys like that. Hahaha love it