Thursday, November 14, 2013

We're really not that cool...

After last week's post about the party we went to Friday night, I got some really funny comments from people. Hilarious in fact. Comments like, "I feel like you guys are always having fun" and "I imagine y'all never getting upset with each other" and, wait for it, "Is your life real?!" To those comments I would like to say, "False, False, and WHAT?!

We really aren't that cool.

Matt says that social media and blogs are the highlight reel of a person's life. Our blog isn't any different. To prove my point, I decided to document every part of our weekend, both the fun and boring. In fact, "boring" happens to be what we love- we're talking about two people who think a great date night is going to dinner and the book store. I repeat. We really aren't that cool.

When I pulled in the driveway Friday, Tally and Hagen were already having a play date in the back yard. Our neighbors, Josh and Lizzie, said they now have to SPELL Tally's name when they talk about him because Hagen will run to the front door the minute she hears his name. ;)

Lizzie took both dogs over to her house so Matt and I could furiously clean before our friends came over (Tally still chases the vacuum and mop- all 65lbs of him jumping on the vacuum makes cleaning a little tricky). 

Love this outfit: jeans, white tee, and a vacuum. And no, Matt does not always clean with me. :)

Tanner and Caroline came over, and we hung out and did our traditional "photo-booth" shots before heading to dinner. Tally didn't get it.

YEAH Burger. And I order a hot dog. Every time. And onion rings. The sweet potato fries were Matt's-promise. (As if the rest of my meal was healthy...) Oh my, their hot dogs are good.

Saturday started out like this. I love a Saturday with no plans.... makes me happy. :)

Tally was up for maybe 30 minutes before he started sitting at the front door. His "Can I go see Hagen now?" pose. If we open the back door, he just looks at us and goes back to the front. They love each other.

So Hagen came over. :)

And while they played, I mopped. Matt was in mid-mop when Tanner and Caroline knocked on the door the night before, so I finished where he left off.

Around noon, this happened:
Yes, I said noon.

Tally was intrigued by the bubbles. I thought he would just watch the tub fill up, but I was wrong. I left the room for a minute, and this happened:

So I drained and refilled the tub and tried again, this time with the dog OUT of the bathroom.

While I was waiting for round two of the tub fill, I did a mask (are you guys having fun with this post yet?!). This one, to be exact.

And settled in to read three of the books that my kids are reading for their reading groups right now. I found this sticky note inside the cover of one of them that I share with a student- too cute. And I agree! Such a good book! You can check it out here.

We stopped by Matt's parents' house for lunch and some Florida State football. Things are looking promising for a trip to Pasedina, people. Real promising. If we can find tickets to the game, I will overnight move from saying "your" team to "our" team. ("Our" is currently reserved for my Clemson Tigers of course). Call me a fair-weather fan. A weekend in California for football?! Sold.

Matt's mom made Souper Jenny's "My Dad's Turkey Chili". Mmmm! Her version is actually even better than Jenny's! I'll have to share it on here sometime. But here's the original.

When we got back home, we snuggled a bit with our not-so-little pup and then headed to Chastain for an evening walk.

Tally got a bath when we got home.

And then we broke the rule and let him get up on the couch. 
How can we say no to this?!

Then we settled in for the night and watched more football.

And ate some Chicken Divan

This was my view in my "office" Sunday morning as I blogged this post.

We headed to my mom's house Sunday afternoon for an early Thanksgiving feast and time with family.

We cooked in the kitchen while the kids made pyramids in the front yard. Please look at Maddox in the top right picture- he thought I was taking a picture of him when I was really trying to capture the first pyramid. Cutest photo bomb ever.

So there you have it. While we do love to have fun and travel when we can, we're just as happy being home... or going to the book store. :)

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  1. Heather! What are you talking about!? I've been following your blog for awhile now, and you are one of the coolest bloggers I know! I love reading your posts, so fun! :)

  2. You guys ARE cool!!! You just don't have kids in tow yet. Just kidding....sorta.
    But I think even when y'all do have babies you will still be ultra cool with children.
    I loved this post.

  3. hahaha I am so in love with Tally!! I love that he got into the bath with the ooops ;)

  4. ohmygoodness, i loved reading this post!! you and matt ARE cool!! it was so fun to follow you through your weekend! i can't take how cute tally is with his friend, hagen. so sweet that the neighbors have to spell tally's name! :)
    that soup looks amazing and so does the chicken divan. i made it and froze a lot for a lot of freezer meals when piper was first born. steve wasn't a huge fan. but he loves all the ingredients the recipe calls for...maybe it was my cooking?! hahaha! your bubble bath looks amazing. i'm thinking about sneaking one in tonight...steve's away at a football game. maybe when piper takes her second nap. ;)
    have a beautiful day, beautiful lady!