Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great Gatsby Party

Last Friday, Matt and I headed to our friend Brooke's Great Gatsby themed birthday party. We realized on the way over that we hadn't dressed up for a party since college. And after how much fun we had Friday night, I'm thinking we need to not go another 6 years before we go to another one.

Birthday Girl!

Bday girl with her hubs- Ryan's hair was fantastic... doesn't it kinda look real?! 
These two crazy kids moved into their house the WEEK before and still managed to throw a ridiculous party! 

Me and my dapper man. ;)

Love this... Megan and Andy playing the roll quite well ;)

This crazy guy happens to be my sophomore year Prom date. He missed the memo on the party theme and came dressed as a troll. Inappropriate on so many levels, yet hilarious.


In some ways, I feel like this picture describes our relationship- there's no telling what I'm laughing at, but Matt's going right along with it.

Thanks to Mary for letting me borrow her grandmother's flapper dress! I was feeling quite authentic in my little getup.

And thanks to Megan Wallach for these shots! You guys have got to go check out her blog- it will be one of your new favorite reads!

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  1. You are the sweetest. Thanks for that. ;) I look at these pics all the time. The troll is too much. lol

  2. That is seriously the cutest idea for a birthday party! We haven't dressed up for one since college either and these pics make me want to try a themed party now.
    You look adorable in your flapper dress by the way. =)

  3. Brilliant photos, the troll... my goodness!!


  4. Looks so fun and great pics! :)

  5. Hahaha LOVED this Heather and loved "Troll" guy...too funny! Loved that movie...but my favorite is definitely the one Robert Redford starred in. Looks like you all had fun. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. hahaha, you and matt look amazing!!! these photos are so fun! i am cracking up at the "inappropriate troll"...hilarious! and too funny he was your sophmore prom date!!
    what an awesome party!!!