Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday's Weekend Wrap-Up

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, and we're half way to next weekend already (woo-hoo!), but here's a recap of what we did this past weekend:

Friday night, I made this yummy pizza before we headed out to Brooke's Great Gatsby party. I tested out using jarred peaches from Trader Joe's, and I think it tasted pretty good! So maybe this favorite pizza doesn't just have to be a summer treat after all. :)

More to come on this tomorrow, but the party was a BLAST! 
I've decided that I like costume parties as long as there is a theme. No-theme costume parties require way too much creative-thinking for my non-crafty brain.

Saturday morning, Matt, Tally and I went for an early morning walk at Chastain. Saturday morning walks in the Fall make me happy. :)

That afternoon, Tal got a bath- which he happens to love. Seriously. He's a strange and adorable pup.

Matt went down to Talahassee with his dad for the FSU vs. Miami game. 
I'm a Florida State fan for all but one game of the year, and, love my Tigers, but after the turnout of that one game, I'm now cheering hard for the Seminoles to make it all the way to Pasadena. One, because that would be amazing and Matt would be so incredibly pumped, and two because we would try our hardest to find tickets and take a trip out there to see the game. We all know I love a good excuse to travel. ;)

Saturday night, I made one of my favorite Fall soups, and Tally and I stopped by Karen's (Matt's sister) to see her in-laws and let the "kids" play for a minute. ;) Jackson loves "Ta-yee". The played peek-a-boo in the ball pit, which wore Tally out quickly. He might be 60 pounds, but he's still a puppy.

I also got to visit with this little man who was born on September 1st. His parents, Nick and Sydney, are friends of Karen and Jay and live across the street. So it worked out perfectly that they were over when Tally and I stopped by. Is that not the cutest little outfit you've ever seen? 


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