Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend in Charleston!

This past weekend, Andrea and I kicked off our Spring Break with a visit to Charleston to see Meagan and sweet baby E! She is getting SO big! (The baby, that is. . . obviously). I've always been a picture taker, but this weekend was my first time out with the NEW camera!! Yippee!

These were some pics of random things because I couldn't wait for an actual occasion to start taking pictures. Notice that fancy faded one of the bottom right?! Oh yeah. That's the camera. Pretty pumped it can make me look like a good photographer.  

One of the most exciting parts about this trip to Charleston was taking Andrea to Babies 'R Us to register!! I wonder if the people thought we were all three moms to this child unborn child?

Next stop- Groucho's. A must for every single visit to Charleston. Atlanta needs one of these!

E was a great sport as all three of us whipped out our cameras for baby paparazzi time. She is SO stinking cute!!!

Dre and I picked up a lil early birthday gift for E when we were shopping. This baby store has THE cutest clothes ever!! Check out what we got.


Miss you guys already!


  1. your photos are GORGEOUS!! you took so many great shots and captured such special moments. i LOVE the red bathing suit and glasses...what a stylin' little babe!!
    happy to see you had a wonderful time with your friends! <3
    have a sweet night!

  2. Great and adorable photos! Baby registries are so fun!

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Loved your message on See Beautiful.

  4. I've always wanted to go to Charleston. Fun seeing a few pics of the city through your blog. Found your through See Beautiful. Good stuff Heather!

  5. How precious! Baby paparazzi is the BEST. Hope the new camera was wonderful and leaves you seeing lots and lots of beautiful!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  6. What beautiful pictures. It tells such a fabulous story...keep em' coming. :)