Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Having faith when it is more natural to fear- a recent scare with my mom

A few months ago, Lydia from See Beautiful asked if I would write a guest post for her blog about what "seeing beautiful" means to me. Her request came days after I experienced a serious scare with my mom's health, and, without her even realizing it, she encouraged me to reflect on what the Lord has done in my life and pause for a moment to appreciate His presence, even in times when that presence feels far.

I don't write often about my faith, or about events that fall into the "too-personal" category, but this time, I did. I would love for you all to take a minute to read my post, What Seeing Beautiful Means to Me. And I hope that it will somehow serve as an encouragement for you to see beautiful today.

A song that has resonated with me recently and is appropriate for the post that I wrote for Lydia's blog is called Never Once, by Matt Redmond.

Here is the story behind the song.


  1. Great post!!! Left a comment with your guest post.

  2. incredible writing. tears for sure. love you! and your sweet mama!

  3. I second Mea-Absolutely wonderful post! love you!

  4. I second Mea-absolutely wonderful post! Love you!

  5. What a brilliant post. So glad you mum is ok!

  6. Beautiful post! So glad everything is okay now.

    I struggle with some of the things you were talking about myself. It's good to see others dealing with the same issues and striving to do better. God is truly amazing and He knows just what we need.

  7. We're so honored to feature you! Happy seeing beautiful!

  8. Heather, I can't begin to tell you how much your post touched me. It was absolutely beautiful, raw and so real. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and faith!
    I'm so happy that your mom is is such a blessing to be able to see the good and to give it to God.
    Wishing you a happy Friday and wonderful Easter!

  9. Heather- You are such a beautiful person--- I saw that so many years ago when I first met you as a child. I am happy to know you. I had no idea that happen to your mom and I am glad for the test results (and I can see your mom doing that little dance when she came to your door!)