Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Weston and Jessica Belkot!

Last weekend, Matt and I got to witness one of the most unique, and most personal weddings we have ever been too. Weston and his now wife, Jess, are both so creative; and together, they planned a wedding day full of creativity and surprises. 
Matt and Weston were roommates in college. After college, Weston taught with Teach for America for two years, and then spent a year traveling and ministering all over the world through a program called World Race. It was on this year-long excursion that he met Jess! The pictures don’t even do justice to the excitement they had to finally arrive at their wedding day. :) 

What a colorful way to assign tables! (and in this case, buses!)

This is the first piece of furniture they bought- they painted it together and, I think, are using it as their first kitchen table.

Time to board the charter buses!

As we drove to the ceremony, a video of their story played.


Party time! This, y'all, is the DJ. He was HILARIOUS! My famous quote of the evening was, "If I was not married yet, I would get HIM! . . .wait, I mean as a DJ." . . .Such a classic me comment!

Please enjoy this series of pics of Matt and Peter dancing- they are hilarious!

The Furman Guys. . . nice Peter. :)

The Roommates!

Getting ready for the grand finale. . .

Silly String!

Like I said, most unique wedding we have ever been to! 
Congratulations, Weston and Jess!

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  1. We LOVED having you there! (Sorry FSU didn't win.)