Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November's Mid-Month Confessions

Good morning!

Elizabeth and I are teaming up today to bring you our best from the past month. If you're new to our confession's post, you can check out our past posts here!

Today, I decided I'd take a slightly different approach and share some of my quirks and phobias.

This was prompted by a group text yesterday, actually. 

Big Crowds
Friends of ours invited us to a Christmas parade this year, and I said that I'd have to think about that one since I have this whole irrational fear of big crowds. At which point, my friend Steph pointed out that we should probably hold off on a Disney trip any time soon. To which I stated, "Disney is completely different in my head than a parade-style crowd." Apparently I picture parade-style crowds as narrow, and tight, and having high potential for losing a toddler. But DISNEY?! Well, Disney is obviously way more spread out with wide streets to walk on, and has very low probability for toddler-losing. It is the happiest place on earth, after all. 
(see? irrational, but it's what's in my head)

Small Spaces
I've learned over the years that I am absolutely, 100% claustrophobic. This was confirmed on two different occasions. The first was when I got stuck in an elevator at the school where I used to teach. 
I immediately felt the urge to A. strip, B. lay in the corner of the elevator in the fetal position, and C. ration my breath so that I didn't die of suffocation.
Luckily, I convinced myself to keep my clothes on and semi-hold it together, because the county fire department was called in to get me out. Gah that would have made for a really awkward news headline (Naked teacher rescued from jammed elevator... to which everyone reading would have to ask themselves, "Wait, why was she naked?"), not to mention super embarrassing moment for Mrs. Nelsen (that's me) and all of her students.

The second instance where my claustrophobia was confirmed was when I had to get an MRI for a ski injury a few years back (which happens to be a pretty hilarious story if you feel like laughing this morning- story here).

I figured since the injury was on my KNEE, surely there was no way they would tell me to slide my entire self into that darn tunnel.

Well wouldn't you know that's exactly what they did?

So I did what made the most sense and reminded them that the injury was on my KNEE... and that I didn't where the right clothes for a full-on, stick-my-entire-body-in-a-very-small-space moment. Why the right clothes, you ask? Well, because if you remember from the elevator story, small spaces make me immediately feel the need to be naked. So the winter-wear I had chosen that morning was not going to work.

We came to an agreement that my head could stay out- Praise the Lord- and I figured out a way to remove some layers without making a scene. But Lord help me if I ever have to get in one of those things completely. There will surely be lots of praying and possibly a few tears.

Too Many Clothes
This was a given after my first two stories, right?! If I get hot, or start to feel claustrophobic in what I'm wearing, it needs to come off immediately. The place where this freaks me out the most is in the car.

Have you ever been wearing a jacket while driving and suddenly feel like you are way too tight and hot and more air just isn't go to get the job done, but you can't get out of your jacket with one hand on the wheel, so you frantically try to wiggle it off until you can break free completely?

No? Just me?

I love the look of winter layers, but live for flip flops and shorts and a good 'ole tee. 

When it comes to parenting, I am pretty laid back when it comes to letting Ryan try new things and take some risks- say with climbing on things at the playground, or jumping off of steps or low walls, or getting far enough away from me at the park where he might think he's by himself but I can still see him. But put that boy on a deck with railings, and I lose all sense of rationale. I am convinced that whatever railing he leans on to peek through will most surely come lose, and well, the rest cannot even be typed out. Railings Irrational or not, it happens to be the way I feel and I'm not sure how to un-think those crazy thoughts.

So there you have it folks, a look into my crazy.

If any of y'all wanted to comment on how you totally relate to all four of these quirks/phobias of mine, I wouldn't hate it. But if the comments section is like crickets, I get it. ;)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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  1. Big crowds make me nervous too because I have this fear of losing one of my kids and/or something bad will happen (big crowds usually are easy targets too).