Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My 10 Favorite Posts from the Last 4.5 Years + A $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

I've been writing this little blog for over 4 years now, and I have loved having a place to document memories and connect with other people.

Sometimes those connections are over simple, silly things like the best new ice cream I've tried or what I'm cooking in the kitchen on a given week; and other times, they're more personal, more meaningful topics like when I shared about our journey to get pregnant and the heartache we experienced when our first pregnancy ended so differently than we had imagined it in our minds.

Throughout these four years, certain posts have stuck with me for various reasons. Some because they were just fun to write and others because writing them helped me process a certain stage of experience in my life.

So today, I'm sharing the 10 posts that have stuck with me the most in these past 4 1/2 years of blogging- my little online journal of sorts. 

And at the bottom of this post, a thank you of sorts to you sweet people who read what I write and make me feel like what I have to share is at least halfway interesting. I appreciate you!

I wrote this post after a very scary incident with my mom's health. Writing it helped me reflect on everything I appreciated and took granted in my own life and in my faith in Christ.

These two dressers were repurposed for Ryan's nursery two years before he would need them, but the process of making them over was such a fun time with my mom and such an unexpected experience for this non-handy, non-crafty gal. :)

For whatever reason I just had a fun time writing this post. The situation I got myself into to was so awkward and hilarious and embarrassing that writing it out made me relive those moments and laugh all over again.

I hate to sound cheesy (but then again that's just me, so I should probably just get over it), but I was really proud of this post. Traveling is such a passion of ours and taking the time to write about our travel tips along with a list of places we have been and would like to go was really fun for me. It also made me think about things we do when we travel that may be helpful for other people. Plus I like looking back at this post and remembering trips we've taken over the years. :)

This trip came the weekend after we found out we had miscarried. Being with family and our week old pup (week old to us but 8 weeks old in reality) was the best medicine for us. I still feel so thankful for the memories we made on this trip.

This was our first trip (aside from the camping trip) as a family of three. ;)
We have so many sweet memories from this trip and loved every minute of our weekend there.

Writing this post and the one that followed it was good for my soul. God was doing such a work on my heart during that season in my life. So much so that reading it back now, I feel surprised by how "that person" prepared for and responded to life at the time. In a lot of ways I feel like a completely different person from my pre-pregnancy, pre-baby days. Reading this back only affirms the journey that God has brought me on and makes me so grateful for the truth that His plan is always better than my own.

Our last trip together before our lives became so much better than we could have even imagined. This was such a sweet getaway for us as we prepared for Ryan's arrival; we'd love to be able to plan a short little trip for just the two of us each time we're preparing for a new addition to our family.

I was so exited about the way Ryan's nursery turned out. The time that friends and family spent on making different things for his room meant so, so much to me. Whenever we move, this will be the room that I will be the saddest to take down.

Ahhh... I tear up every time I see this picture. I pictured this moment in my mind for so long, and then it happened. I got to meet my baby. And he was perfect. All in, my labor was 3 minutes shy of 24 hours- but the minute I saw his face, I was ready to do it all again.

And now for the giveaway! 

I chose four of my favorite places, and the winner will get to choose which gift card they would like to receive.

- Starbucks (duh)
- Amazon (if I could grocery shop on Amazon, I would)
- TJ Maxx (also good at Homegoods and Marshalls)
- Bath & Body Works (it's about time for me to restock on my candles and Stress Relief products- so many good options at this store!)

To enter, just leave a comment below this post. 

A winner will be announced Monday morning!
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