Thursday, June 27, 2013

Camping Weekend!

Last weekend, Matt and I took Tally on his first camping trip! Ironically, it was our first trip since high school- haha. I would say I'm more of a cabin-camper, if you will. Or a lodge-camper, or even a resort-camper (do they have those?). I was not entirely sure how much I would enjoy the no-running-water, cook-your-food-over-the-campfire, and tinkle-on-the-ground kind of camping. But I have to say, we had a BALL! Matt and I were already planning our next visit while we were there.

We went with my mom, sister, brother--in-law, and our two nephews. Everybody had a great time- espcially Tally! Little buddy was overwhelmed with excitement over all of the new sights and smells to explore and experienced his first full-body dive in the river (which I'm pretty sure was not intentional after observing how he approached the water every time after that). Here are two-hundred some pictures from the trip!

Snuggles with Nonna- buddy loves the car

testing the water...

I don't think he realized that he would go all the way under when he jumped in to play with the boys! Poor guy!

He retreated to his safe place- under the car ;)

"helping" set up the tents

Quick snooze ;)

Our make-shift leash since he couldn't get in the water while the boys were fishing

Maddox taking Tally on a walk ;)

After his dive-in incident, he was very careful when he entered the water ;)

Love this :)

This was hilarious- he got so brave and started running laps up the hill, would roll down the hill, run around my sister, and then start over again. Too funny!

Here's the roll down the hill! hahah- buddy was having a ball

And then he crashed the second he saw Matt sit down.

Like passed out.

So Matt carried him back to the car.

And he fell asleep in his arms.

Sweet buddy. :)

What is that smell, mama?

Our "room" for the night!

Noah helped catch our dinner!

And then he snapped some posed pictures ;) He's quite the photographer! 

He took this one too... Maddox posed for him. ;)

Manning the grill! Such a big boy!

Lemon Pepper Trout

First time trying freshly caught fish- so adventurous, haha

Digging holes- something he doesn't get to do in our backyard

Love that face

Cooking eggs in the morning- Tally wanted to help... or just eat the food. ;)

I'm so glad we got to go! We had such a great time and were so happy that Tally was so well!

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Have a great day!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love that shot of your family of three =)

  2. What an awesome time! I can't wait to go camping! Going in 3 weeks!!!

  3. Looks like such a fun trip! It makes me look forward to our camping trip in August. :)

  4. Love it! He is one adorable puppy!

  5. That does look like an awesome trip, and oh my at the pic of your son and the pup, that's a perfect photo!

  6. So glad your trip went well! Seriously becoming obsessed with Tally :)

  7. FUN!!! Your camping trip sounds fun compared to ours. Way too hot here in Texas to camp. Maybe again come fall.
    Great pics. The boys are loving all the Tally pics.

  8. Your trip looks like soooo much fun and those pictures of Tally.
    Oh my.
    He is completely adorable!

  9. Excited to have found your blog through the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop today! Your camping trip looks like it was so much fun!!

  10. ohmygosh, this looks like such a blast! tally is such a love bug!!
    i'm definitely not too "swift" when it comes to last experience was in seventh grade with my bff and it was hilarious. but this post makes me want to try it again! :)
    thanks for all you share, heather! xoxox