Saturday, June 22, 2013

#Summerdays2013 Week 4

Day 22: Late night date night at Mellow Mushroom

Day 23: The day this sweet boy joined our family!

Day 24: Our new favorite place to hang

Day 25: Tally got his first bath after his first mud puddle ;) ...then fell right asleep in my arms when I got him out

Getting things done looks a little different these days! Vacuums are scary, but not when you're held. :)

Day 26: Souper Jenny lunch with the fam and the pup! He slept the whole time. :)

Day 27: So thankful for this sweet guy. He worked from home one day this week so he could hang with me and Tally. :)

Day 28: Can't believe my sweet Noah turned 8 on Thursday! We celebrated at the Braves game!

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Hope you guys have a great weekend!


  1. OMG your puppy is the sweetest. Absolutely adorable. It looks like you guys are really enjoying him!

  2. tally is so so precious. i could explode! :) so fluffy and looks like such a cuddler!! makes me want a puppy. i'm sure our cats would love to hear me say that! ;)
    i love all your photos, heather and am so glad your summer is off to an amazing start! your days are filled with so much joy! xoxox