Friday, November 14, 2014

#nelsendays Weeks 44 & 45

Well yet again I'm sharing two weeks at a time. I tell you, time moves twice as fast with a baby! 

Today is my sweet mama's birthday! She is one pretty lady. And as sweet as she could be. If you follow me on Instagram, you see quite a lot of her. :) She is the best mama and Nonna around! Tomorrow we'll be celebrating her at my sister's house all day. We can't wait!

Tonight, Matt and I are going on our first dinner date since Ryan was born. We snuck away for a night of worship when Ryan was two weeks old, and then went to the Garth Brook's concert when he was 7ish weeks old, but this will be our first time going on a dinner date just the two of us. 

Matt's parents are coming to watch Ryan while we head out to Season's 52 which is just a couple miles from our house. The mentor mom of my MOPS group was talking to our table about the importance of making time for date nights and sometimes forcing yourself to get out with just your spouse. Forcing sounds bad- it's not that we don't want to get out together, it's just that time passes so quickly and date nights require more intentionality now than they used to. And Matt and I love a good chill night at home, so before we know it, three months has passed and we're just now going to dinner together! That being said, we are pretty pumped for our night out and super grateful to his parents for watching Ryan for us.

Here's a look at what we've been up to the last two weeks!

Day 302: This dog sleeps on the strangest things.
Day 303: Ryan's first selfie after not one, but TWO, 20 minute tear-free car trips in which one even involved falling asleep. Hence my frighteningly excited face. :)
Day 304: Happy Halloween!!
Day 305: Passed out... being 3 months old is hard work!
Day 306: Love this buddy and his sweet smile
Day 307: Story time interrupted. Ironically, Matt was reading Snuggle Puppy. :)
Day 308: We barely made it, but we voted!
Day 309: A typical night for us- Tally pre-cleaning the dishes ;), Matt giving the last feed before bed, and a date on the couch after Ryan goes down watching Parenthood. We just started season 2 and LOVE it!
Day 310: Love these baby feet and love this pup.
Day 311: Ryan and Tally got a visit from Superman last Friday. ;) It's pretty cute to see Jackson and Tally play together. It makes me excited for when Ryan is older! And is he not the cutest Superman you've ever seen?!
Day 312: My favorite girls in my favorite place- Clemson! When we all get together it feels like we're back in our 20s living under the same roof again. Minus the babies I guess. I'm so thankful for these girls!
Day 313: My 'lil (sleepy) tiger and me.
Day 314: Nonna came in town and we got Mexican take-out for dinner. That's a pretty great night if you ask me!
Day 315: My boo. I'm going to be so sad when he grows out of this tub! He pretty much already has, but we're making it work as long as we can- putting away his first size of clothes was hard enough for this mama. ;)

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Happy Friday, friends!


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  1. You are so right about date nights. John and I don't get very many because neither of our families are very close by. We are developing relationships in our new home state, but it definitely takes time. I'm thankful for the time we do get and that we have found a wonderful church home that we love and feel good about his teachers there.

    That last pic is so precious! You'll definitely want to hang on to that one! :)