Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Fun

For Halloween this year, we went over to my friend Andrea's house to trick or treat with a group of friends and their kids. The boys were a little young to really get into it, but the girls definitely understood!

 Here are just a few (okay a lot of) pictures from the day:

We attempted a photo shoot with boys in the morning (yes we made Halloween an all-day affair). Finn was not completely into sitting still for the photo op (who can blame him?!) but we did manage a couple of shots- some of which Steph looked like she was doing a live puppet show with her son in order to get him in the pictures and her out of them. Haha- this will be me in a year.

These two have had many a play date in their short little lives, but I'm pretty positive their still clueless to each other's existence. 
Love this. The expressions are awesome. Ryan's chubby self looks squished, Finn looks uncertain as to why the little boys don't play, and Reynolds looks like he's scheming. haha- love.
Oh T girl. I just love this.
Ryan's little friends! He's in his wrap, just outside this picture- trying to fall asleep. ;)

haha- not so sure about the whole dress up thing

the princesses and their mamas :)

Matt went dressed as a Buckhead dad- good look on him, don't you think?!
This picture looks like there's a green screen behind us... haha. We were there. Really.
Love this group!

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  1. Oh man.. Ryan is the cutest little pumpkin! I love how he is passed out in the wrap on his Daddy. It looks like it was such a great first Halloween!

  2. ahhh, i love ALL of these photos! the halloween pjs (and hugs) - too too cute!
    you know how to celebrate!
    ryan is such a sweet pumpkin! the baby wearin' photos make me smile so big. (and miss it)!
    you have such a gorgeous family...i'm so happy for you and love all of your ig posts!
    hope november is treatin' ya well, friend! xoxox