Friday, November 28, 2014

Pictures with Santa!

On Wednesday, Matt and I made a last-minute decision to take Ryan for his first pictures with Santa. My parents were in town for Thanksgiving and Matt's mom was able to come meet us at Lenox mall for the big event. Because every first with a first child is a big event. ;)

We dressed Ryan up in his cute Christmas outfit that my mom got for him and the five of us headed over to Lenox to meet Matt's mom.

Finding a "good Santa" was kind of important to me because the Santa that my mom always took us to growing up looked so real. And when he passed away two years ago, there was a big write-up in the AJC about him and his long standing role as the Santa at Phipps mall. So I actually tried to Google search pictures of the Santas at different malls around us (without much luck I have to say) and decided we would just head over to Lenox to give their Santa a try. (I already knew that the new Phipps Santa was a no-go... way too skinny looking for a "real" Santa! ;) )

So when we got there and saw him and then found out he had been there for 17 years, I was sold. And then when we stood in line for less than 10 minutes I was definitely sold!

Proud Mimi, Nonna and Papa!

Ryan was hilarious. When Matt set him on Santa's lap, he settled in with his right fist up by his cheek like he was pondering his list in his mind. 

And then I jumped in to get him to smile and he just lit up with the biggest, sweetest, happiest smiles!

Here are the professional ones we got:
Sweet buddy!

My heart was so full. I just felt so happy being there with our families and watching our little boy make the first of many memories with Santa. I still can't believe he's ours.

And by the way, he's 4 months old today! Fastest 4 months of our lives.



  1. Those professional shots are magazine worthy! You guys chose a great Santa

  2. I cannot stop gushing over how cute this little guy is! And he clearly has such a sweet spirit and personality. So excited for you guys this holiday season!

  3. I totally agree about the Phipps Santa! We saw him last year and I was bummed out. I can't believe how perfect these are!! What a sweet lil man!!

  4. How sweet are those pictures!! And scoping out the Santa BEFORE going is SO something I would do!! Haha I love that researched and I totally get it! And he's a GREAT Santa! Enjoy your first Christmas season with your new little guy!

  5. The last pic is the best! He's too cute.

  6. happy happy four months to ryan! ohmygoodness, his big smile!! i can't take it! it's so magical...and you're right - everything IS a big event!! such a magical time of year!
    i love ryan's outfit! and um, santa's couch is fabulous! :)
    wishing you all a beautiful december full of sweet memories! xoxox