Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Last week's meals & dinner ideas

Lately, a few of my girlfriends and I have been texting recipes back and forth because it's so easy to get into a rut of what to make for dinner. And as much I love cooking, grocery shopping and making dinner looks a lot different these days than it did pre-mama days.

Grocery shopping alone is a more planned affair now. I used to stop by on my way home from work to pick up whatever I felt like making for dinner that night and some nights would spend a good hour in the kitchen enjoying the process of concocting a new meal from scratch.

But lately, following a recipe and using the crock pot have been my go-to methods for getting dinner on the table.

So what I decided I would do is track our weekly meals and share those recipes (and take-out ideas... we do a lot more of that these days too ;) ) with y'all, in the off-chance that maybe your days and weeks are a little busy for creativity in the kitchen too.

So here's what we ate last week!

Mexican take-out. Can't say that we've ever gotten Mexican take-out before, but man was it delicious and convenient. We had my favorite chips, salsa, and cheese dip as an appetizer after calling in the order and then ate our meal with Costco's pre-mixed Margaritas. Very tasty and only $8.99!

Love these- they're quick and easy and a good comfort food for cold days.

Crock Pot Meal: 

This is one of my new favorite meals. It is so easy and SO good!

Date night at Season's 52! 
They treated us to champagne and free dessert for our anniversary!

Dinner at my sister's house for my mom's birthday- and oh my word, my sister made the BEST meal! I can't wait to get the recipe from her and share it with y'all. She made a BBQ, bacon-wrapped chicken dish with apples and pineapple chunks that she served with mashed potatoes and green beans. Whoa. It was SO good.

Crock Pot Meal:
 I mixed one can of cream of mushroom soup, half a container of sour cream, and a 1/4 cup of parmesan and poured it over two frozen chicken breasts. I served it with Pasta Roni Shells and White Cheddar and Publix SteamInBag Broccoli Florets.

This meal was just okay. I think it would have tasted better in the oven, but it was a crock-pot kind of day. Next time, I think I'll use thawed chicken breast tenderloins and bake it in the oven. It definitely has potential and was easy enough that I'd like to try it again a different way.


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  1. That Ranch Chicken recipe is on my list of ones to try of yours. I can't wait. I am known for not being a great cook so any help I can get is always appreciated! :)