Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meet Tally

We have a new little member of our family! We picked up Tally last Saturday from a breeder in Gray, Ga named Janet Skidmore. She came highly recommended to us from friends of ours who got their golden retriever just a few months before us. If you're in the market for a puppy, I would definitely recommend her!

Tally has been the sweetest puppy these past ten days. He is a great little sleeper, loves to play and snuggle, and is getting good at taking short walks! His one little "vice" (aside from chewing of course) is wanting to have someone sit next to his crate while he falls asleep. Which we totally enable and secretly love.

He went on his first camping trip this weekend, so there will be more pictures to come of that later this week, but for now, he are some pictures from his first few weeks of life and his first week with us!

Confession/FairWarning: I realize that the pictures are a bit excessive, but I really wanted to remember his first week with us! ;)

Weekly Pictures from the Breeder:

Birth Announcement:

Week 2 Group Pics:

Week 3 Group Pics:

Tally Week 4:

Tally Week 5:

Tally Week 6:

Tally Week 7:

Picking Tally up on June 15th:

Such a snuggler!

He slept for almost the full two hours! He would wake up, climb up to my face to kiss it, and then reposition himself and fall back asleep. Such a sweetie!

The goody basket from the breeder- so many great toys!

Checking out his new home

First nap in his crate- so glad he loves his crate!

Getting used to his bed after a couple days (he was afraid of it at first!)

Somebody went exploring in the fire place :)

A visit from Jackson and Emmie!

Love Jackson's face in this one ;)

First bath after his first mud puddle

Vacuuming the house is a workout with this little guy! 

Seeing his reflection in the glass of our entertainment center...

...and getting scared of his cute little face :)

He loves to play with his toys on our laps

First Vet Visit

Getting his heart checked :)

Sweet buddy passed out in Nonna's arms!

Loves his Nonna :)

After the vet, we met my sister and her boys at Souper Jenny (Tally's on the bottom left- he slept the whole time!)

Sweet boy

Noah loves snuggling with Tally and holding him :)

First Walk
Matt and I thought we would go on a nice walk right when we got home from the breeder- we quickly realized that the little guy could barely run in the backyard without taking a break! On his first day, he could only chase us back in forth in our backyard for three laps before laying down. So we waited about 5 days before taking him on his first walk. ;)
First time wearing his collar

He didn't really get the leash

When he gets nervous, he likes to get in small spaces- so he picked T's stroller ;)

Since he had never been in the street (he spent his first 5 days playing in our backyard and our laundry room!), I decided to carry him for a little stretch to get him used to being on the other side of our house 

At first, he only moved when I bent down really low and walked close to him- and then he started to figure it out!

Sweet buddy made it to the end of our street and then decided he was DONE. Andrea and Steph actually had to pick up the stroller so I could get him out because he wedged himself under there so well!

Aunt Andrea ;) carried him the rest of the way- I think he was thankful.

Worn out :)

He couldn't wait to get in his crate after his first walk!

Snuggles with Aunt Step ;)

Visit with Jackson and Karen
Jackson shared his milk (don't worry, we washed the cup) ;)

And Tally shared his cage. ;)

Other pics from his first week
Little buddy follows us everywhere- even here. :)

This is the other place he sits in the bathroom- right under the sink

Loves to snuggle while he plays

Daddy's home!!!

Walking with his pine cone :)

To play or to sleep? Always a toss up mid-morning. :)

He's already grown so much in a week! Wish we could keep him this size forever!

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  1. He is a JOY!!! I want to hold that baby. It has been 9 months since I had to let my sweet Arthur go. He was my JOY and very sick. Your sweet Tally made me cry happy tears just knowing the love and joy you and Matt will have with him.
    I loved ALL the pictures.....I had been waiting for you to share him on your blog. :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! How adorable! Congrats!

  3. AHHH I LOVE TALLY!! he is amazing!! i LOVE all of your photos...you can never take too many! i love that you snap away. :)
    the one of him at the door, the one where you're holding him while vacuuming, the ones of him with his brothers and sisters...ahhh, all of them - SO SO CUTE!! congratulations to you and matt! tally is one lucky little guy! xoxox
    have a relaxing night, heather!

  4. I have been loving all of the photos you've put up on Instagram. SO FREAKEN CUTE!!

    Ps. I just got the Stella & Dot purse. Thank you so much!

  5. What a little cutie!! He is gonna big a big boy!! Congrats!!

  6. That Tally sure is one adorable puppy! I don't think there can ever be too many pictures of a cute guy like him!! So snap & share away, you're a proud mamma of a fur baby now!! Enjoy the new little guy while he's still cute & little; cause I'm sure you guys will have your hands full with him in no time! ;)

  7. Oh my goodness Tally is adorable! I will be closing this window now in fear that E&E see the pictures and start nagging for a puppy again :)