Monday, February 25, 2013

Want a free pair of prescription glasses?! Eyeglasses Review

Recently, I was contacted by, a global online optical store, to write a review on their products. I don't typically say yes to review offers, but this one really piqued my interest. I was curious about how well the process of picking out prescription glasses online would work. My thought was, how can you really know if you like a pair without trying them on?! But knowing how expensive prescription glasses can be, and seeing how reasonable's prices were, I thought I would gladly accept a free pair in exchange for an honest review of the company and product.

First impressions:
The website was very user friendly. I was able to upload a picture of myself and enter my eye measurements (I'll explain that later) so that each pair I "tried on" looked realistic on my face. Here are a few screen shots of my top three choices:

Since I had recently purchased a pair of prescription glasses from my eye doctor, I decided to go a little "hipster" with this pair- hence the red, blue, and oversized frames. :)

I ended up going with the middle choice- the blue frames. Here's what they look like on my non-summer, non-tanned face. :)

What do you think?!

Too big?

Too blue?

Too nerdy?

Or totally hipster-cool?! (the hitch-hiker thumb adds a completely different element, don't you think?)

My opinion of the product:
I have to say, I am really impressed with the product and the company. I received an email within days of placing the order saying that the glasses had shipped. Two weeks later, they were at my house. Apparently they ship from China, so the shipping time is longer than I initially expected, but when you consider waiting for your glasses to be ready from the eye doctor, I don't feel like there's much difference in wait-time really.

They came with a case, cleaning cloth, and adjuster tool (which I didn't need to use).

The eyeglasses themselves are very light-weight, but feel durable.

Would I recommend them?
Whether you wear prescription glasses or just like to wear cool frames for fun, I would definitely recommend trying out I was certainly skeptical at first, but was surprised by how easy the process really was.

If you decide to go the prescription glasses route, you will need your current prescription from your eye doctor. For some reason, I was nervous about calling and asking for it. Turns out it was not a big deal at all. The front desk person emailed it to me right away without a problem!

Once you have the prescription, you plug in the information onto the website- it walks you through the steps and even has a tutorial and Q&A page if you have any trouble. The one thing that was not on my prescription and initially had me confused, was my PD, or pupillary distance, measurement. Apparently they anticipated people being confused by that and had a link right there to explain how to find the measurement. Everything else they asked for lined up exactly with the way my actual prescription looked, so it was very easy to enter the rest of the information.

What are their prices like?
I'm so glad you asked! (sorry, couldn't  help it... it wouldn't be me without a little cheese in this post) has  a program called First Pair Free that allows you to try your first pair for FREE! (Don't you love that I just explained that?) All you pay is S&H, which is $6.95 if you live within the United States. You can find out more about the program here.

Considering that prescription eyeglasses from the doctor's office can cost hundreds of dollars (even with insurance!), I would highly recommend at least trying the First Pair Free program from Worst case scenario, you don't like the glasses and you're out $6.95.

Oh, and they also have prescription and on-presciption sunglasses as well, with an option to have them polarized if you're interested.

Let me know if you have any questions that I didn't address here. I think you'll be really pleased with the website, customer service, and products from Give them a try and let me know what you think!


  1. You are just too cute! Love the glasses. Funny, I just received my glasses today from Firmoo. I'll show mine this week I think.

  2. You look cute in your new glasses. I may have to try this site out, although I don't have a recent updated prescription for glasses (my glasses are about 4 yrs old). I wear contacts so the glasses are hardly worn.

  3. ohmygosh, you are so cute!! when i saw the first photo of you in the red glasses, i thought they were real - so awesome that they have that feature on their site! i LOVE your new glasses...they look so fun and hip! and your "not tan summer face" is beautiful! :)
    thanks for sharing the company and glasses. have a sweet day, heather!

  4. Prescription Sunglasses

    They look great! I need new glasses but I am too lazy to go to the doctors to get a new prescription. LOL

  5. Prescription Sunglasses

    They look great! I need new glasses but I am too lazy to go to the doctors to get a new prescription. LOL

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  8. what a beautiful picture with your mom :) great sunglasses! they fit you :) Good luck everyone!

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  10. Very cool glasses indeed. I like these frames very much.

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