Monday, February 4, 2013

Photo Dump: Visiting friends & family, Date Nights, KidVenture, and Super Bowl

It has been a busy couple of weeks! I seriously cannot believe we're in the month of February already. This school year has FLOWN by! I've randomly documented different events from the past couple of weeks, so here's the photo dump in all its glory:

A visit with sweet T!

Love that face!

Double date night with Kemble and Ashley: 
Zoe's, Menchie's, and then Phipp's to see Zero Dark Thirty- SUCH a good movie! And how about the seats in newly renovated theater?! Fancy fancy! :)

 A visit to see our nephew Jackson at Karen's house last Saturday- man he is so fun to be around! Such a cutie! He loves his Uncle Matt- the feeling is mutual. ;)

Then on Tuesday, Karen and I grabbed dinner together and got these two cute videos of Jackson before we left. He's getting good at his "tricks"! ;)

Thursday, Matt and I hit up Souper Jenny for Grilled Cheese Night- love that place.

KidVenture Bowling
On Saturday, we took our first graders from UpStreet bowling with KidVenture. We had FOURTEEEN of our kids come! We have 16 on our roster, so that was a pretty great turnout!

We've gotten to be with a lot of these kids since they were three years old. It's so fun to watch them grow up!

This. is. awesome. Give a kid a glow stick and some music...

After bowling, we drove to my parents' house in Monroe to stay the night. Of course, we hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant.

This is my "sister" (as she says!) Cindy. We make sure to get her table every time- she is so sweet!

She always spoils us with a surprise appetizer or dessert- this time she brought the Mexican brownie ice-cream. Poor Matt- Mom, Charles, and I loved it though!

Back at the house, mom had this picture waiting for me- so then Charles plopped his hat on me for the side-by-side comparison. See the resemblance?! haha... oh Glamourshots. Were those everywhere, or just in Georgia?! Hilarious.

Sunday after church we drove up to Greenville, SC to visit some friends for the Super Bowl. It was so fun catching up with everyone and getting to meet Peter and Becca's baby Londyn. I don't think I have ever seen a baby smile SO much! She is adorable.


  1. 3 things-looks like a ton of fun,
    loving your bangs still and when are you guys going to have a baby??? :)
    Hope the rest of your week is great!

  2. You guys are always surrounded by such adorable kids! They all gravitate toward you both because you give them so much love. :)

  3. So much love in this post! So much love in your life! Baby T is beautiful and Jackson is adorable - loved the video - I almost bought that same bib the other night! Your side by side photos are too cute!
    I hope you're having a wonderful day! Xoxox