Monday, March 21, 2011

1/2 Marathon

On Sunday, my sister ran the 1/2 marathon in Atlanta. This was her second year doing it... such an accomplishment! She trained so hard and had a great race. I was really glad that we got to be there to support... and even happier that we were on the sidelines and not in the race, haha. :) Here are a few pics from the morning.

You can almost hear it, "Matt! Hey Matt, hey!" 

 So sweet!

Mom and Charles got back from their cruise the night before and came out to support- so sweet :)

Here comes my sister on the right in the blue.

 She almost ran right past us... we were yelling so loud but she was in the zone!

 Yay! She saw us right before she ran by!

Maddox skipping on his way to get a new balloon. :)

That's what I call motivation! Love this. :) 


And last I leave you with a picture of Matt after he got back from a real estate reception last week.  Unfortunately, spouses weren't invited, but he was too cute to not take a picture of!

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