Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Emily's Newborn Photos

Our sweet girl is one month old today!

I took these pictures when Emily was 11 days old. My parents were here and were so sweet to take Ryan and Natalie to the park so that I could snap some pictures of our girl without two little helpers at my side. ;)

This blog post is the same one I referred to when taking Natalie's newborn photos. As much I love having professional photos taken, planning a photographer to come to our house with two other kids in the first two weeks of bringing home a newborn felt like too much planning and work. Thankfully, this post, along with my cameraportrait lens, and the editing software of iPhoto and Google+ helped make these pictures look pretty good!

This last one. 😂
Posing for pictures is hard work! 



  1. Here's one for you. My younger brother and his wife had a daughter one month to the day premature then your Emily. My nieces name is also Emily, but your Emily has the same birthday as I do. Growing up I had the greatest birthday present ever (summer vacation). How cool was that? Anyway I thought there were a lot of coincides that were cool. So anyway she's adorable and many happy blessings to you and your family.