Friday, May 19, 2017

Natalie Grace- 15 Months

On Wednesday, our little girl turned 15 months old!

She has been the sweetest, most easy-going baby, and has added so much FUN to our family these past 15 months. Her personality is starting to come through more and more and we just can't get enough of it or her.

15 Month Stats:
22lbs 7oz (75%)
29.5in (25%)

A few big changes from the 12 month mark include:

**Moving to the big girl car seat and stroller seat- I'm pretty sure Ryan was out of the infant seat around 9 months because he was such a chunk, but Natalie made it all the way to 14 months! Little peanut. And she seems to like her two new spots!

**Walking with our hands- sometimes she will walk with just one hand and other times she'll stop and reach up for the second one and look as us like we're forgetting something. We'd still love for her to walk on her own before her little sister joins us next month, but girlfriend is on her own timeline, so we'll she what she decides on that front. ;)

**Playing on the play ground- in the last 3 months, she has gotten in on the action at the playgrounds and loves attempting whatever her brother does. She's not quite ready to go down the slides by herself, but she loves when we hold her hands or slide down with her.

**Drinking out of a sippy cup and straw! This one always made me laugh because she just couldn't quite figure it out no matter what kind of straw or cup I tried. So for her sake and mine, I'm happy to say that she can drink out of just about any cup and regular straw now!

** "KKKK" sound- this sound along with a finger point gets her just about anything she needs. We always say the word and she if she'll repeat it back for us, but most of the time she just flaps her arms in excited agreement when we say whatever it is that she wants.

**She has the cutest, most high-pitched and southern voice! Her favorite words are: Bye-bye, Hi, Dada, Papa, and Bubba (which we're pretty sure is for "brother"). Matt and his sister have both heard her say "mama" but I have yet to hear it. She typically likes to call me "Dada" too. :)

**The way she curls up her two hands under her chin when she wants us to hold her melts us every time. And then she flaps her feet and arms when we say, "Do you want me to hold you?!"

**She's understanding SO much these days. She recently started joining us when we build the marble set with Ryan (we used to only do this when she was napping) and will shake her head "no" when she holds a marble close to her mouth and then will put it in one of the slots for the maze. I'm still a little uptight when she's playing with us with the marbles, but she's doing a great job of listening and understanding and loves getting to play alongside us.

**She loves the pool and loved the sand and ocean at the beach!

**She likes climbing up the stairs with us behind her and also likes sitting on the bottom step and dangling her feet, which is so cute. And thankfully the novelty of getting up the stairs all throughout the day has worn off!

**She has become SO snuggly! She loves laying her head on our shoulders and will sometimes say, "ahhh" as she does it. We love, love, love her sweet snuggles.

**She recently started a head-shaking game where she turns her head from side to side and wants you to do it back to her. It's too cute to watch her initiate games with us!

Here's a look at her last 3 months:

First Zoo trip out of the carseat carrier!
First story time where she stayed in the chair for almost a whole book!

Dangling her feet :)

First ride on daddy's shoulders!

Trying hard to keep up with the big kids at the play ground...
...and then opting for help :)

First taste of chocolate!

She loved Chattanooga!

"Hello?! Who is it?!" ...another one of her favorite games

She is very rarely stressed, so when she is, it's actually pretty funny. Sweet girl got a little concerned about the wet sand on her hands when it was getting close to her nap time. ;)

We love you so much, Nonni Girl, and can't wait to continue to watch you grow!


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