Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life Lately

Our nephew, Jackson turned 5 this week! We celebrated with a family party at his house and a party at the park. All I could think the whole time we were celebrating him was how much I love how little Ryan still is and how someone is seriously going to have to hold me when he turns 5. Five just feels so old! There are great parts about every age though, even if watching them grow up feels a little bitter-sweet!

We gave Jackson a vacuum bug catcher (or bug sucker-upper as Ryan was calling it), with a canister to hold the bugs and a book to learn about them (because when your aunt is a former teacher, there's always a book) and the boys couldn't wait to go outside and suck up the bugs! That pose and look on Jackson's face is just the best.

Party day at the park was super fun too! Natalie and Matt had fun on the slides while Ryan tried to keep up with all of the big boys. :)
Quite possibly the cutest 5th birthday party picture ever. I mean pure joy!

Cousin pic! These four are going to have a blast at the beach together this year. It will be here before we know it and we can't wait!

Love these two of Natalie walking with her Papa!
These two kiddos are peas in a pod. Sweet cousins who are only 4 months apart. We love watching them play together!

Love this little lady so! She is full of spunk and personality and seems to be soooo close to walking on her own! (Operation get her to walk before baby #3 is in full swing) 😜

And this big guy. Man is he sweet. He is constantly doing little things for his sister without me even asking. Here he was so carefully getting her ready for bath while I got the rest of our bath stuff out. Love his sweet little heart so much!

Fish game with daddy after work! (And Natalie about to climb on the table)

Since being back in his big boy bed (which has been going GREAT by the way!), I'll usually lay with Ryan for a few minutes before leaving his room. This particular afternoon he fell asleep so quickly, and staring at that open-mouth little face just melted me! I love when he looks so little. :)

Yesterday we got to go to an outdoor Easter-themed music class that was so much fun! And Aunt Dre and Reynolds came too which made it even better!

Looking for ants on the tree in the parking lot- he's super bug-inspired after searching for bugs with Jackson on his birthday.

Waiting for daddy to get home one afternoon. And I love how I put the blanket out for Natalie but Ryan is the one who sat on it. That's them! :)

Bless my sweet hairdresser who accommodated me, Natalie, Ryan, and Ryan's tennis racket for a quick bang trim! I really could have used a whole cut, but I'll take a quick trim when I can get one! 

Hope y'all are having a great week! Matt and I are going on a little date / work dinner tonight so I'm going to spend the rest of nap time figuring out what to wear- and let me tell you how much I love using nap time to put clothes together, third-trimester or not. But praise the Lord for a date! I'll take it.


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