Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Natalie Grace- 8 Months

Our sweet girl turned eight months old two days ago, and she is somehow managing to become more and more fun each week.

She is the sweetest, happiest little girl. Watching her face when she sees people she knows is precious. Her wide, two-tooth grin will melt your heart! And when daddy gets home from work, that smiles takes over her whole face and she might just wiggle right out of your arms if you're not careful!

She is definitely busier these days and loves finding anything and everything to put in her mouth. Speaking of, she is a big fan of meal times, and "chews" pureed food, but usually spits back out solid food- funny girl! She will figure it out before too long if she's anything like her brother.

She is working hard on crawling/scooting around the room and shows so much determination when there is something she wants out of reach. She'll usually scoot her hands and knees forward a couple of times and then stretch out on her belly to see if she's close enough. Sometimes, if she's tired, she'll get her feelings hurt if she can't quite get there, and it is the sweetest, saddest thing!

She has figured out that we come to get her from the door in her room, so when she's ready to get up, she sits up and pulls down her bumper to look out. It is so cute!

Here's a look at her last month:

Our last picture in the house where she came home from the hospital

Her first swim with daddy at the new house!

Sweet girl scooted herself all the way under the dresser!

First pumpkin patch!

She loves Tally- especially when he's licking her hands after a meal.

Happy 8 months to our little angel girl! We couldn't love her more!



  1. Precious! Could you share where all of your super cute clothes are from? Especially love that "n" necklace! Thanks!

  2. Natalie is super adorable! I absolutely love her face in the top 1st picture & I love all the Cheerios stuck to her in her eating nakey 'outfit', lol