Friday, September 16, 2016

A Tribute to This House

Well it's Friday, and this weekend we are MOVING!

The movers officially come on Monday, but we'll be taking the weekend to finish packing and getting everything ready for Monday.

Last night, Matt and I had our last date night on our patio after the kids were in bed and then spent some time packing and cleaning. We're about 90% packed! This morning, we'll take a trip in each of our cars and then I'll hang at the house while various installers/workers come between 8-12. I plan to put the kiddos down for a morning nap and continue unpacking. This napping/unpacking plan worked really well last week (I was able to get the entire kitchen unpacked!), so I'm holding out hope that all goes well again today. :)

I have to say, I have really missed my little morning blogging routine lately. I am ready to be in, and settled, and back in a routine of waking up and writing- not documenting consistently for the past 6 weeks make me feel like time has sort of stood still. So here's to the home stretch of this whole buying/selling/moving process and the start of normalcy again!

I've been thinking a lot this week and trying to soak in our last days in this house.
So much life has happened in this house over the past 5 years.

It was the first home that Matt and I purchased together.

It was a place where we learned about all sorts of house projects and learned how to be patient as we chose one or two projects a year to complete.

It was the place where we experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage and the incredible joy of two pregnancies.

It was the place where brought home Tally...

...and then Ryan...

and then Natalie.

It's the place where we could talk to each other from any corner of the house whether doors were opened or closed.

It's the place where we played outside and waited for daddy to get home.

It's the place where we met the most amazing neighbors in our same stage of life and did our best to get our crews together for pizza every other month.

It's been the place we've called home for 5.5 years. So much life has happened in such a seemingly short amount of time. Knowing that we will be in our next house even longer, I can't even imagine how much life is going to take place inside the walls that we'll call home starting Monday.

So here's to one last weekend in this house and lots of weekends to come in our new one.


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  1. Such sweet memories! Cheers to all the new memories you'll make in your new home!