Saturday, February 13, 2016

Life lately (a.k.a. I'm still pregnant) ;)

So it turns out my babies really love my womb.

Here we sit on Baby Girl's due date when we thought for sure I was in labor two weeks ago.

But you won't find me complaining! I loved having Ryan 6 days late- he was fat and happy and ate and slept great in those early days.

This past week, my mom stayed with us just in case anything happened in the middle of the night or during the day while Matt was at work.

Prior to us deciding to have her come stay with us, I was starting to feel really anxious about when this Baby Girl would make her appearance and whether I'd be out somewhere with Ryan and not have someone to help take care of him.

The morning after the "height" of those anxious feelings and worrying about having the energy to go through labor and delivery again, I read this in my devotional:

That fourth sentence about brought me to tears. They were just the words I needed to hear.

The combination of some good time in the Word and having my mom here this past week has given us so much peace of mind and allowed me to just really soak up these days with Ryan before Baby Girl arrives.

Matt has been the greatest too- waking up with Ryan every morning and letting me get in all the sleep I can while I can. Such a sweet gift!

I feel like one lucky mama to have the support of my family and these "extra" days with just my big boy.

We are more than ready now to meet this Angel Girl and get this Nelsen Party of 4 party going!

Here's a little look at what the past week or so has looked like as we wait for her arrival:

Brunch date with my big boy before he becomes a big brother!

Ryan's little smirk he gives when he talks about his Baby Sister :)

My independent (and naked) big boy attempting to clean up his own mess. I walked out of the room to grab some towels for the spill and walked back in to this view- sweet love... can't blame him for wanting to help!

 A little game of tennis with his best buddy and future doubles partner. ;) And no, they're not actually in the middle of a volley, although Andrea and I about died when we saw this picture.

My sioux chef prepping the pot for our pasta dinner :)

Testing out the double stroller with his buddy Cade before entering the Children's Museum!

Still pregnant ;)

Eggplant parmesan lunch last Sunday. Girlfriend decided she didn't buy into the whole "eggplant induces labor" philosophy.

Super Bowl party with Nonna and Papa!

Reading to his friends before nap. :)

The highlight of Ryan's week- "OPEN GYM!" with Aunt Dre and Reynolds :)

Nonna and Papa are the best sports climbing in the pit with Ryan- if the eggplant didn't work, I'm quite certain trying to hoist myself out of that foam would have most definitely sent me into labor.

Riding the escalator at the mall with his best girl "Teegee"- I'm not sure how many times we did this, but I assure you it never got old for either one of them. ;)

"PEEK!" Spotting mommy and all sorts of other things around the kitchen with daddy. :)
(and excuse the excessive amount of thigh action from Matt-haha.. those are shorts that hiked up mid-sit, not boxers. ;) )

Elizabeth and I will be sharing our Mid-Month Confessions on Monday!
My plan is to pre-write this post later today and have it set to share on the 15th.

Then hopefully the next post after that will be the announcement of Baby Girl's arrival!

In the meantime, I'll post her sweet picture on Instagram once she's here (eeek! Can't wait to hold this Baby Girl!) if you want to follow us there. (@hmnelsen)

Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. Awww. You're still pregnant... I'm in serious nesting mode. I am cleaning/organizing/re-doing everything all day long! I'm so ready!! Didn't the eggplant work with Ryan?? I look forward to seeing baby girl on Instagram when she decides to make her grand entrance!!

    1. Yes it did work for Ryan! I guess she's just too comfy! Love that you are in full nesting mode- it's a real thing!! hah!

  2. Maybe baby girl wanted Mama to have an extra helping of eggplant parm, haha.