Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Baby Girl's "Sprinkle"

On Saturday, four of my sweet girlfriends hosted a "Sprinkle" to celebrate Baby Girl's upcoming arrival.

These girls have known me for the last 12-15 years of my life. Two of us cheered together in high school, and the other three lived with me for three years in college. These girls have prayed, supported, and loved me through the best and the hardest times of life. I am SO thankful for these girls!

My sweet mama is beside herself that we are having a GIRL!

She surprised me at the shower with a whole set of dresses that my sister and I both wore when we were little. I had no idea she even saved them! It was the sweetest, most thoughtful surprise.

This Baby Girl has no idea how lucky she will be to have a Nonna like her!

Love my sis so much- she has been a great sounding board as I've navigated the world of mommy-hood. Not to mention the fact that she saved 5 years worth of clothes and a few toys from her boys for Ryan to wear and use! I can't wait for Baby Girl to meet her Aunt Gigi!

K&M (Matt's sister Karen and his Mama)- since Matt and I have been together for the last 15 years, I think of these two as my own family. They love me like I'm their own sister/daughter! Karen has passed down every piece of clothing/shoes/pjs that her older son wore and has bins of clothes/shoes/pjs/bows/and girlie goodness ready to share for this Baby Girl. She is the sweetest! And M is the best mother-in-law and Mimi a girl could could ask for- so thankful for these two!

An outfit from M- OH.MY.WORD!

My Aunt Georgia is a "fake aunt" (aka one of my mom's best friend's who has always been an "aunt" to us) who has known us since we were born and been there for all of the important events in our lives.

Sweet friends from all different stages- high school, college, and teaching. Gatherings like this make me feel extra thankful for the people who have loved me through life's stages.

These two are besties from college- the kind of friends who pick up right where we left off, even if it's been longer than we want it to be since our last visit. They know me so well and have been my sounding boards for so many of life's decisions!

I pray that this Baby Girl of ours will have girl friends who love Jesus and love her for who she is- friends who will see her through all of life's stages and offer her the kind of love and support that these girls have given me. Oh and make her laugh until her stomach hurts. :)

On Friday, I'll be sharing my Favorite Finds, Maternity Edition! 
And I promise there will be more than sweats and yoga pants and oversized t-shirts on the list. ;)



  1. How fun!!! Your little lady is going to be dressed mighty cute and stylish!

  2. This looks so sweet, and you look STUNNING! If I was that adorable pregnant, I'd have ten babies!

  3. I'm sure your momma isn't the only one beside herself that you're having a little girl! I'm sure you'll be the cutest mom to a little girl and you and her big brother Ryan will have so much fun together & there'll be lots of fun & picture filled posts for all of us to read! Can't wait to see your baby & learn her name!

  4. This is so sweet! And you look amazing! That glow fits you girl!