Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Highlights and August's Favorite Finds

Our weekend was bu-sy! Saturday morning we got together with our "family breakfast" group and Steph and Dustin let all of our kiddos run a muck around their house while the adults multi-tasked between catching up on life and preventing injury from seven kiddos under 3 all playing together in one space. And the newest little angel, Nora Jane, got to join us at just 4 days old! Sweet baby. Brave mama. ;)

Saturday night, we celebrated my brother-in-law's 40th birthday with a big party at my sister's house, and then took her boys home for a sleepover at our house. They wanted to sleep in Ryan's room and have a slumber party- sweet loves- so we blew up an air mattress and that's just what they did. Ryan woke up at 5:45 ready to party when he saw them in his room, but they didn't care one bit. Love those boys!

Then we all headed to church and the met up with Matt's parents there. Ryan was wanting to work on his walking. Time to get this boy some shoes! :)

Back home we had lunch and watched a little movie to wind down from our early start to the day.

Now on to this month's:

Loft's 50% off Tops Sale
I love a good Loft sale. I stocked up a few weeks ago on some new tops and now they're running the same sale again online with a $25 cash card for every $50. These four tops are $15 each. You can check out the rest of the flash sale here.

dots top here, peach top here

black top here, cream top here

Southern Living Magazine

My mom surprised me with a subscription to Southern Living last year and I have loved getting it in the mail every month. It's full of yummy recipes, vacation ideas, and pictures of houses I one day want to live in. I also feel like getting this magazine somehow makes me a real southerner and officially an adult. And please look at that cake. Yum. Fall cannot get here soon enough.

Trader Joe's Salad and Crackers

These are my two new Trader Joe's obsessions. This all-in-one salad solves my problem of feeling like prepping a salad along with dinner is just too much work for a little side or appetizer. And it is great for lunch too! The toppings and dressing are delish... although I'm not a bleu cheese lover, so I switch that part out for feta. And those crackers. MmmMmm. Just try them. They are SO good!

Blake Shelton Radio

This is my go-to cooking in the kitchen station on Pandora. I haven't heard a single song of his I don't love. Anytime a new song comes on and I look at the screen to see who it is, it almost always ends up being one of his from years ago. Love his music and the other songs that play on his station.

Melissa & Doug Stackable ABC Blocks
Ryan got these stackable blocks for his birthday and they are one of his favorite toys! Mine too because the all fit back in that tiny box. :) Such a great gift for a toddler! You can find them here.

Mary Kay Volu-firm Cleanser & Clarisonic Mia

I love this relatively new MK cleanser. The littlest bit goes a long way. This picture is after I used my Mia and there's still so much soap left on my face. It lathers well and makes my skin feel clean and soft. And y'all know I love my Mia. It's like an elecronic toothbrush for your face- it cleans it so well in just one minute. You can find the cleanser here and the Mia here. Or, you can email me {} and I can order the cleanser for you.

That's it for this month's favorite finds! I'll be back tomorrow to share my goals for September. Hope you guys have a great week!



  1. Love this! Especially your masked face in the last photo! (Also, I LOVE your breakfast club idea!!)

  2. love that first pic so many happy faces! I bought a clarasonic mia recently and love how my face feels after!

  3. I found Blake Shelton's newest album on iTunes for $6. It was a great deal, and I love it.