Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend in Greenville

This past weekend, Matt and I drove up to Greenville to visit friends. On the way up, we stopped at Furman's campus, where Matt went to school, to walk around for a couple hours. We had so many great memories during the four years he was a student there. It was pretty awesome to walk around the campus with our little guy and our pup and think back to our college days- some of which were spent talking about what our future life would look like. Ryan pretty much slept the entire walk (and, surprisingly, the entire car ride up! Hallelujah!), but I did think that one day it will be fun to take him back and let him walk around the campus and hear about his dad's memories from his college days.

We were 45 minutes into our drive before the sun rose- haha... road tripping with a newborn changes the departure time a bit. ;)

Furman's campus is so pretty- especially in the fall. It was so fun to be back there walking around together with our two additions. :)

Matt's sister was in town for Furman's homecoming too and texted me to say that Greenville got a Groucho's- woohoo! So of course we went straight there from Furman ordered sandwiches to go and brought lunch to Daniel and Brooke's house.

Karen and her friend Ansley stopped by while we were waiting for our sandwiches to say hello and love on Ryan for a minute. Karen's due with baby #2 in December! Can't wait for that sweet baby girl to get here!

The Teague's two dogs and Tally wore each other out. In fact, Tally had so much fun that he decided to wake up in the middle of the night and whine for us to let him go find his friends. At 3:30 in the morning. Gotta love when the baby sleeps like a champ and the dog causes you to be up for an hour. The most ironic part is that we haven't had a single night like that with Ryan. Nothing like tag-teaming in the middle of the night for the dog. Oh Tal.

Love how Ryan's checking out Ruthie in this pic ;)

haha- their bigger dog Nelly passed out after hours of playing

Sweet girl and sweet pup- this makes me excited for Ryan getting older!

Getting ready to head home after a fun-filled visit- wish we lived closer to these sweet friends! (and I wish we had this awesome porch with the rocking chairs!)

The aftermath of being up in the middle of the night (for the dog let me remind you) and then soothing a crying baby to sleep in the car. We were hopeful that Ryan had turned a corner after the drive up was so amazing... but I don't think he's quite there yet. ;)

...It's hard to stay mad at this pup for long. :)

Thanks to our sweet friends for making our trip so easy! They had a pack 'n play, monitor, a seat for Ryan and a bed for Tally. Our packing was WAY downsized thanks to them! And they're just the most laid back people which made working around a baby's schedule (and a 1 1/2 year old, 75lb pup's energy) so much more enjoyable. :)


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