Friday, April 11, 2014

Babymoon: Rooms, Resort, and what I wore?!

We are back! What a trip. Matt and I left last Saturday and were gone in the Dominican through Wednesday. It was the perfect amount of time to be away. We stayed at a resort called Sanctuary Cap Cana, which we found through Jetsetter.

Speaking of Jetsetter, if you missed yesterday's Ten on the 10th post on travel tips we've learned along the way, you can check it out here.

I've divided this post into four main sections: Pics from my phone which captured most of our daily happenings, our rooms, the resort with pics from my real camera, and, strangely enough, a section on what I wore. ;)

Phone Pics:

Coconut water from a coconut!

View from our table at dinner the first night

View from lunch!

This shot came right after one of the workers asked if I was having twins- AHHH! That's dreadful when you're 9 months, must less 6! haha... if this baby's anything like his daddy though, who was 10lbs, I'll probably be getting a lot more "twin" comments in the upcoming months. ;)

Our room was in the castle-looking building

View from our balcony:

The grounds on the resort were so pretty!
Taking it in- love him :)

Last lunch before we left!

The rooms:
Like Matt always does, he asked if there were any available upgrades at no extra charge when we checked in. The guy at the front desk said there were three rooms he could show us, but none were available for our first night. So for our first night, we stayed in this room:

Then we were upgraded at no extra charge to this room:

The view from the balcony was our favorite part!

The Resort

Babymoon Attire:
I'm cracking up that I have a section labeled this as I am about as far from a fashion blogger as one can get, but since you asked on Instragram, here are where my suits, accessories, and clothes came from:

 This bathing suit top I borrowed from a friend, who bought it at Old Navy. They don't have the same one right now, but you can search their others here. The bottoms are from target. Just their regular bottoms in navy blue (but I got the tie kind so that they can expand through the summer) ;) I had terrible luck with Target's in-store maternity bathing suits, but they seem to have a much better selection online!

This bathing suit is from Pea in a Pod. It was not cheap, but after said experience in the Target dressing room trying on their maternity suits, I did not care. It is 20% off online right now! And if you go in the store, ask if they'll match the online price- they did for me! The hat is from Target.

The bag is my Prada knock off- made by a little brand you may know called Merona. ;) You can get it here (and it's much cuter in person than their online pictures show).

The top is from Gap Maternity online. It's their essential tank (right now they're only showing solids for some reason, so here is a similar one from Old Navy). The skirt is from Old Navy online- I'm fairly certain I will be living in it this summer- so comfortable!

I think that about covers it! Y'all were way too sweet with your comments on my growing belly- especially after the twin comment! bahaha... a pregnant girl loves some words of affirmation- or at least this one does! ;)

It's FRIDAY!!! Have a great weekend!



  1. Adorable! It looks almost like you had the whole resort to yourself! Your outfits are cute...your belly is cute. I feel like being asked if you have twins would be a compliment (for me anyway) because it just means you've got a big healthy baby inside! :) p.s. your husband must be a smooth talker like mine...he gets those kind of things when we travel too!

  2. Wow, your photos are beautiful, what a gorgeous place!

  3. You are such a beautiful pregnant lady!!! Your trip looked fabulous! Happy Weekend to y'all :) Xx.

  4. You might be the cutest little pregnant lady in a bathing suit I have ever seen! I can't believe an employee asked if it was twins!? Isn't that similar to never ask a lady how far along she is unless you know for sure that she's pregnant? Also, I really like your nail polish color & your wavy beachy hair in the pictures of your borrowed swim suit top. Totally jealous of all these pictures, I wanna be where it's warm with the gorgeous looking water! Hope you both had an amazing time! Have a great weekend!!