Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012... two weeks later :)

As mentioned, I had a serious snafu when I was trying to post this well over a week ago. BUT, the good new is, I've figured out the problem and posted about how to fix the glitch if you're running into the same error message.

And now... the post you've all been so anxiously awaiting (kidding, I really don't take myself that seriously)- The two-weeks-later Thanksgiving post!

Matt and I are thankful to have both of our families nearby so that we don't have to share time on big holidays. This year, we went to my parent's house on Wednesday night and then went to Matt's grandparent's house Thursday. They only live 15 minutes away from each other so it makes the trip pretty easy!

Breakfast- mom made little owls- she's so cute!

Papa setting up croquet :)

Cooking time!
Matt working his magic in the kitchen.. haha! Love it.

 Walking Time!

Gymnastics Time:

Matt and I pretending like we're kids, and Jen reminding us just how old and inflexible we are!

Field goal kicking time :)

It's GOOD! Over the telephone wires for 40 yards- ha! Seriously don't think there is a single sport he is not good at.

And then there's my attempt.

Not so much...

Still kicking like a champ at 83 years old! Go Papa!

Hair Cutting Time:

Croquet time, and some highlights from the match: 

Paparazzi in action:

And the post-match naps:

Practice-being-fancy-with-the-camera time: 

Hope y'all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Heather I LOVE your bangs!! You look absolutely adorable!

  2. So glad to see you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bangs on you - so pretty!! Looks like your holiday was full of great food, awesome company and lots of love!! Hope this month is just as sweet!! Sending love!!
    And happy blogger shaped up! :)

  3. Your family gatherings always seem like SO much fun!!

    Love the bangs!