Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Savannah Marathon Weekend!

This past weekend, my mom, Charles, and Matt ran a MARATHON in Savannah! I went along for the ride... as the cheerleader. Because nothing about running 26.2 miles appealed to me. :)

I was SO proud of them! They all worked so hard in their training and completed the race without a problem. They were awesome!

The red carpet of racing

Race morning!

I practically memorized this map as I made my way to all the different mile markers to cheer them on!

One of our coaches from high school was standing right behind Matt!

Counting down to the start!

And he's off! ...I guarantee I would not look that happy!

Go mom!

Papa at mile 20!

...on my way to meet mom at the 20- I got to run the last 10K with her!

So close!

The last stretch to the finish! SO proud of my mom!!

A little post-run debrief :)

Love this boy! He KILLED it! And to think the only other race he's done was when we ran the Peachthree 10K over TEN years ago!

haha... had to.

Catching a well-deserved cab to lunch! ;)

This place was voted as having the best sandwich in America on the Travel Channel... even cheerleaders need a good post-race lunch! ;)

Sunday morning we took a lil bike ride around the Landings Club. (A family friend let us use their house for the weekend). Man was it NICE! 

Breakfast at Driftaway Cafe- Oh. YUM.

For more action shots from the race, click here and input this info:
Matt: Nelsen, 8097, Rock & Roll Savannah 1/2 and Full Marathon
Mom: Sanders, 12081, Rock & Roll Savannah 1/2 and Full Marathon
Charles: Sanders, 1024, Rock & Roll Savannah 1/2 and Full Marathon


  1. Wow, I am inspired! I really wish I liked running:)


  2. yay! umm...and Matt running a 8:25 mile-for 26 miles. Holy cow. And yay you for running the last 10k with your mom!

  3. Love it! Your mom and Charles look great and Matt looks totally unphased by it! Great job!

  4. It goes without saying that I am beyond impressed! Next time I'm coming with you to help cheer them on. Oh and the picture of the Peachtree makes me think of Calhoun Courts :) Love all of you!

  5. Amazing!!! What an awesome accomplishment - look at their amazing places in the marathon to - wow!!! you've got to be so proud of them!! I admire them all. My mom and I ran a half marathon four years ago...it was so much fun and motivating...but wow, 26.2 miles - I can only imagine what that feels like!! The food - especially the breakfast looks amazing!! What a fabulous, memorable weekend for you and your family - I love that met them @ the mile markers and ran at the end!! (And love the photo of you and Matt @ the 10k)!
    Hope you're having a great week, Heather!

  6. Congrats to them! Savannah seems like a beautiful place to run a marathon! And what perfect weather! Hope you're well.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  7. I'm with you...so NOT a runner! But at least they had you as an awesome cheerleader!

    And the picture of you guys from 10 yrs ago?! You guys still look just as young. :)