Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ski Trip!

Last Wednesday, Matt and I left for a celebratory ski trip with 17 of my closest family members. The occasion? My step-dad, Charles, turned 70 on the 4th! A little over a year ago, my step-siblings came up with the idea of celebrating "Papa" in a big way by taking all of the family out to Colorado on the week of his birthday. After a year of planning and anticipation, we had the BEST time on the trip! Five of the seven kids learned how to ski for the first time, and every single one of us made it out onto the slopes to give skiing our best go. Even my mom and sister-in-law, Jennifer, who were not overly giddy about the actual "skiing" part, took lessons one afternoon and got the hang of it! It was such a memorable trip!

Papa with some of the grandkids

Nonna and Papa (A.K.A., my mom and Charles) :)

What kid doesn't love the train ride at the airport?!

Half way to Denver, we stopped at Rock Bottom Brewery and visited with a family friend who gave us a tour of the Brewery.

Love their Uncle Matt! :)


Once in Colorado, we got fitted for ski gear (notice Noah's backwards helmet) ;)

Ready for the first day!

And we're off!

That's my sister in the yellow- first day of skiing! She was awesome!

On my sister's first go on the ski lift, I didn't fully explain the dismount well. hahah... here was the result:

Matt teaching Maddox- melt my heart.

Papa... and in case you can't read his shirt, it says, "Oldie but a goodie". Love him! :)

Hot tub after our first day on the slopes!


My sister on day two- SO good!

Love these boys :)

On the third day, I stayed back with my sister, mom, Jennifer, and the boys while the guys went out for a snowy day on the slopes. We walked through the town, played in the snow, and got hot chocolate at Starbucks. :) My kind of day!

After leaving a store, Maddox found a plush pile of snow, fell on his back, and went into immediate snow angel mode before we could even say, "wait!". Oh to be three again. :)

What's better than a playground? . . .
. . .a playground with snow.

Heading down to the hot tub!


  1. Our kids went skiing for the first time in November last year (just barely. I stayed behind since I refuse to face the cold :) but part of me wished I'd been there. From the pictures my husband took they had SO MUCH fun. They sure learn fast those little ones. Looks like a fun trip for you. Next time come to Park City ;)

  2. You have a beautiful family, Heather! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. I just love Colorado...and skiing, sounds like the perfect trip!

  3. Looks like so much fun! Love the pictures and Happy 70th to him!! :)

    Now a follower:) Please feel free to stop by my blog and follow back if you like!

  4. What great pictures of Colorado! I don't take enough advantage of living here as I should! I found your blog on SSS and am a new follower. Can't wait to read new posts.

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  5. Great photos,looks like you had a awesome time :-)

  6. What a fun family trip. I love the whole family shot and the dismount off the ski lift made me laugh out LOUD!!!