Friday, June 10, 2011

Shameless Stalking ;)

A friend of mine that I went to Italy with during college contacted me this week to ask a few questions about how I was able to make some of the updates to the blog. We had not talked in over four years so it was so fun to see an email from her! Anyways, point of the story is that she said she hoped I didn't mind that she read the blog and that she didn't want me to think she was a stalker- ha! SO, I want to clarify to anyone reading this blog, that not only do I not think you are a stalker, but I would love to hear from you! Feel free to ask questions, make comments, follow the blog, share things you want to see or hear about... I love connecting with people through blogs!

...So if reading other people's blogs makes you a stalker, I am officially one myself, and am more than happy to have others follow along as I ramble about our crazy, fun lives. :)


  1. I confess....I've been reading your blog and enjoying it. Haven't seen you or Matt since high school, which is why blogging is so fun. Hop on over to mine for more stalking if you'd like ;)


  2. Your blog is so cute!! I love all that you're doing with your house/yard! It all looks so good! Happy summer! :)

  3. Ha ha- Heather you're the best :) Yes, I'm stalking you and loving it! Your blog is so cute and you do a great job keeping us 'creeps' updated!! Ha ha. And now you can stalk me too. Love the blog world and the way we get to catch up.