Monday, May 2, 2016

May Goals and a Few Reflectioins

This past weekend, I got to spend some time with two of my college roommates and reflect a little on how life with two is going so far. 

As I shared with them, the best part about life with two is just being their mama. No, the days aren't always easy, and yes, I feel tired more than I feel rested, but they make my tired days so much more full than I remember my slept-through-the-whole-night-and-woke-up-when-I-felt-like-it days.

What's been hard for me is figuring out how to keep up with all the other stuff: groceries, cleaning, meal prep, time in the Word, personal hygiene (just keepin' it real) and blogging.

I am very much a morning person and love when I can be up early while the rest of the house is sleeping. That's typically when I have my quiet time, drink my coffee, blog, and take care of things like bills, email and laundry.

But I am just not back in the groove yet of waking up before the kids to get all of those things done. So for now I'm giving myself grace and tackling what I can, when I can. 

Which leads me to a few of my goals for this month.

But first, a quick look at how April panned out:

Workout 3x's/week
I found that what works best for me right now is doing little bit of something everyday during nap rather than committing to a full workout video that could take up to 1/3 of my nap-time window away. So I took exercises from the 30 Day Shred and the pilates videos I like and spent 10-15 minutes at the start of nap doing enough to re-energize me and make me feel like I was making progress toward bathing suit season. ;) It's working well for now, so I'm sticking with it.

Cut back on sugar
This month, I am not putting sugar in my coffee (if you know me, you are gasping) and I am limiting my ice-cream to 3 nights/week (if you know, you are falling over as this will be a more than 50% decrease in the current number of nights that I eat ice cream).

Y'all. I did it. And it is May 2nd and I still haven't put sugar back in my coffee. 

Believe it or not I think I like my new habits. 

At first, I was really making my 3 ice-cream days count (if you catch my drift), but by the middle of the month, I wasn't even wanting a full coffee mug of ice cream on my "on" days.  

As it turns out, a little self-discipline is a good thing.

Create and Blog 3 Recipes
Okay so the first one took like A minute to create, but I'm still counting it.

recipe here

recipe here

recipe here

Replace Pictures in Frames
They're printed and waiting to be picked up. It's on my list to get to today after nap. :)

Start Planning Our Vacation
This planning has been harder than I was expecting! We're finding some great spots but they all feel a little too great-in-a-few-years or great-for-just-me-and-Matt. I plan to share some of the family resorts and vacation spots I'm finding later this month once we finalize where our family will be heading, so stay tuned!

Now onto my goals for this month:
Read Jesus Calling Every Morning
I find myself not having my quiet times because I don't feel like I have a good stretch of time to sit and really reflect, but I realized this month that that thinking is just silly. I need to spend the time I have and not feel guilty about how long it is. So this month, I want to at least make sure I am reading my Jesus Calling devotional every day and anything else after that will be great if it happens.

Update the "Recipes" Tab
I've been wanting to do this for a while, so this month I plan to get it done... with the help of my blog designer of course. She's going to help change that tab so that searching for recipes is easier and involves less scrolling through a bunch of recipes you aren't looking for to get to the one you are.

Give Myself a Mani-Pedi
Listen, if I don't make this a goal, I assure you my feet and hands will continue to look like they do right now. And we're heading to the beach at the end of this month, so nobody needs to see my feet in the state they are in now. Plus I have this great little gel kit and some new polishes that I ordered off of Amazon that I want to try so I can tell y'all if the deal is worth the buy. :)

Alright I think I better stop there. A. because Ryan is waking up, and B. because I don't think more than three goals is realistic for me this month.

So Jesus, blogging, and a little hygiene is what I'll be working on this month- what about YOU?!



  1. Jesus Calling is great! I love it! Good luck on your May goals!

  2. I love that hygiene is on your list haha and I hear tha one loud and clear! And I'm laughing at your ice cream goal. I'm so bad with ice cream each night. It's just SOO good! But I'm slowing breaking the habit as well!