Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

When I was helping clean out everything at my mom's last week to help them get ready for their move, I came across this poem that I wrote for her when I was in middle school.

If there is anyone who taught me how to be a mom, it is her.

She devoted so much of her time and energy to supporting my sister and me in anything we wanted to do. She was our biggest cheerleader when we succeeded and our biggest encourager when things didn't go our way. She raised us as a single parent for most of our growing up years, and now as a mom myself, I have an even greater appreciation for how hard she worked at her job as "mom."

Days like yesterday make me extra thankful for my growing-up years and make me excited for the memories I'll make with my own kids as they continue to grow.

Here's a look at our Mother's Day:


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