Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Lately (part 2)

Happy almost Friday!

Today, the kids and I are heading to my parents' house in Monroe to help pack things up for their big move at the end of this month! They are building a house not too far from their current one, so we'll drive by it to see all of the updates and let Ryan watch all of the construction equipment at work- a boys' dream. :)

Also, this is the second day in a row I've been able to wake up before them- drinking my coffee, having my quiet time, checking email, blogging, and knocking out some laundry before the day starts feels glorious! Now the afternoon crash may not feel so glorious, but that's what that second cup of coffee is for, right?

Here's the other half of our life-lately. Yesterday's post had the first part if you want to check it out here.

We visited the school where I used to teach- Austin Elementary in Dunwoody- and enjoyed catching up with old students and teacher friends. And Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his gold fish crackers- I don't think he had ever eaten them before? Is that a mom fail?! Ha- so excuse the open-mouth, super-excited smile.
It's a little grainy, but Miss Natalie is giving her tongue-out grin in this shot- girlfriend has already mastered the selfie. ;)

We live at the playgrounds around our house and love trying out new ones in the area. Andrea and I joke that Ryan and Reynolds have a little competition over Miss Emma- the cute little one in the middle. Reynolds was her friend first, and they share the same exact birthday, but Ryan is a big fan of hers. ;)

When Ryan is napping, I like to sit and stare at this little lady, and see what kind of faces she'll make back at me. The smiles are awesome, but these furrowed-eyebrow looks might be my favorite.  

When we're not at a playground, we're at Target. And when we move from one floor to the next, we like to snap a picture while we wait- because why not?! Especially when my little-big boy wants to wear his sunglasses through the whole store. These are the days I don't want to forget.

The face he gives me when I say we're heading to a playground. :)


Post- nap :)

Hair cut #134 for this big guy! Kidding. But darn this cute haircut place for making the hair cutting experience so enjoyable that I justify paying an insane amount for a child's haircut.

See daddy at work day!

And then go to lunch with him after- Natalie really was excited about it. ;)

Last Friday, we picked Maddox up from school and went for a special treat at Brusters. Ryan is crazy about Maddox so he was so giddy about this day!

Just a little Saturday morning rock climbing lesson with Mimi and Papa at Chastain Park. 

Girls' day with two of my college roommates! (and Natalie too) :)
Tally sneaking in some sweet snuggles during girly's tummy-time turned snooze.
Little Miss had her first day in Waumba Land at our church and slept the whole time! Love these two so much. :)



  1. Natalie's hair is too much in her pre-nap picture & she sure does wake up chipper it seems, judging by the post nap picture of course. Your little ones are too precious!

  2. Thanks for adding our pic to the blog! Wonderful day with the weather when you came to AES :). Great to meet Ryan & Natalie!