Friday, May 13, 2016

Southern Belle's Strawberry Patch

Last month, I shared about our once-a-month routine where Matt spends a weekday with us and we think of something fun to do as a family.

This month, we decided to drive to Southern Belle Farm in McDonough to check out the farm animals and go strawberry picking!

Ryan got to see baby goats and lambs, see where the chickens laid their eggs, and hear the cows "moo" before we went to pick strawberries, so it was a fun-filled and even educational morning!

Learning about the chickens and how they lay their eggs for us to buy from Publix, hah.
There's the eggs!

Matt and I are both in the middle of asking Ryan if he knows how to put his teeth together when he smiles- haha... love how this boy goes all in when he smiles!
He did it! Meanwhile, Natalie has mastered the duck face. :)
Next year, this little lady will be able to pick with us!
Proudly wearing his strawberry sticker... and backwards Clemson hat- don't tell Matt ;)

Happy Friday, friends!


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