Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our once-a-month routine

One Wednesday a month, Matt takes off of work to spend the day with us. He came up with this idea a few months ago, and since he more-or-less works for himself, he has the ability to plan his schedule and do fun things like this for us. And we love it!

Last Wednesday, we decided to try out a new park in Alpharetta called Newtown Park, and brought the whole family, Tal included, along for the fun.

Hanging with daddy in the front while I load up the car- the fun starts right away on these days! (sitting in the front is a big deal for this little guy) ;)

Tell Tal he is not a lap dog and he will prove you wrong.

First stop- the dog park

next stop- the playgrounds!

Lunch break!

After lunch, we walked across the street to a fire station so Ryan could see a fire truck up close, and the nicest firemen came out to give Ryan the full experience of seeing a fire station for the first time. It was so sweet! But I was so busy catching pictures of Ryan exploring everything that I completely forgot to get a picture of the actual fire fighters, ha- I promise, they were there. ;)

They let him get up in the fire truck and ambulance and pretend like he was driving the trucks. He loved it!
His very own fire hat!

And this sweet girl did this through it all.

Bye fire fighters!

What a day!



  1. What a lovely idea and that looks like an amazing day out :)

  2. This is such a great idea!