Monday, April 11, 2016

Ten on the 10th: VACATION

Matt and I love a good excuse to travel and experience new places together. For us, having kids only adds to the excitement of what we experience, now as a family.

This month, we've been working on planning our next family trip and trying to figure out what makes the most sense for us and our two babies. Do we stick with a relaxing beach/pool trip like we did last year? Or do we venture out with a little more activity and sight-seeing?

Planning got us thinking about previous trips we've taken, so today, I thought I'd share a few of our favorite locations we've been able to visit:
This is at the top of my list of memorable trips because it was our first trip with Ryan. We loved the island, the beautiful views, the quiet beach, the short flight, and the location of our resort in relation to the airport- all factors worth considering when traveling with little ones!

The Inn at Palmetto Bluff
This was our first trip with Tally. ;) We looooved this place. The staff was so kind, the resort was peaceful and picturesque, and the guests either walked or road bikes or golf carts everywhere... we don't even know where our car was parked for the few days we were there. We loved this trip!

San Francisco

San Franciso was such a fun city! Our days were FULL and we still didn't see it all, but we loved every minute we spent in this fun city.

Dominican Republic
The water in the Dominican is beautiful. This trip was special because it was the last one we took together before Ryan was born. I remember so many conversations about how our lives were going to change and how we couldn't wait to meet our boy. :)

New York City
I grew up going to NYC, but Matt had never been, so it was fun to experience this city with him for the first time. It was COLD when we went, but we got to see the city at Christmas which is one of my favorite times to be there.

Such a fun city! We loved visiting here. And now after watching Nashville the show, I really want to go back and see it again.

Park City, Utah
Matt grew up skiing and loves being out on the slopes. I have grown to love it too, especially the views from the top of the mountain... although this trip ended with an awkward disaster for me that we still laugh about when we remember this trip.

I love everything about Italy, and Sicily was beautiful!

Athens, Greece
Soaking up the history of this city was really amazing. It was hot and touristy, but standing in front of the Parthenon and walking through these streets was really incredible.

We were surprised by how much we enjoyed Crete. I say that because the port didn't seem that exciting, but once we started walking around and exploring the city, we couldn't believe how beautiful it was- one of our favorite places from that trip!

So who knows yet where our next adventure will be, but we're looking forward to experiencing the memories with our two little ones sometime soon! If anyone has any recommendations for a family of four with two babies under two, I'm all ears. :)



  1. What amazing adventures! I've only traveled in the states but I definitely love to travel. I visited NYC for the first time last year. Unfortunately I got food poisioning while there and about died! I'd love to go back though!

  2. If y'all can get to Aruba, do it. That is the most beautiful island I've ever seen in my life! Also, San Antonio Texas is so fun and there's lots to do and see. Not sure with the babes just yet but keep it on the list! :)

    1. So funny, I've read a lot about San Antonio in my search- sounds like a great place to visit! And Aruba sounds amazing too! Thanks, girl!

  3. San Diego is a great vacation spot to go to with kids! The zoo, Balboa park, Sea World, the beach...all of it is so family friendly!

  4. I love reading about all of y'alls travels! I'm excited to hear where you go next. Our first baby, a little girl, is due in a few weeks and because I am ALWAYS planning travel I'm already thinking about our first vacation with her next spring! We have some family trips already planned this year so next spring I think will be our first family of three trip. I'll be excited to see where y'all pick! You should do a post on the options you consider that you find family friendly :)

    1. Congratulations!! There is nothing like that moment when you hold your baby for the first time! And yay for future travels as a family of three- so many fun memories ahead for you guys! Great idea on posting about the options I'm finding... that might make future planning even easier. ;)