Friday, April 15, 2016

April's Mid-Month Confessions


And it's the middle of the month, so E and I are teaming up today to share our confessions with you.

These posts usually make for a good laugh or will at least make you feel better about your own absent-minded moments. ;)

The weather has been trading off between cold and warm days, which doesn't work well for someone who is bad about checking the weather before leaving the house for the day. So on this afternoon, we showed up for my nephew's soccer game and it was FREEZING outside! Matt and I felt terrible because we both happened to be wearing long sleeves but forgot to grab Ryan's jacket. So I got creative and tied Ryan up in Natalie's wrap, which he actually wore for a good 5 minutes before trying to get it off.
#parentfail #thelookonhisface #heknowsiamcrazy ;)

Natalie's first two doctor's appointments have been eventful to say the least. At her first appointment, the fire alarm for the entire building went off while we were checking in. Ryan was naturally terrified (and so was I, hah) but thankfully they called it a false alarm just as we were all about to pile down the four flights of stairs with our kids in tow.

At her second appointment, again at check-in, I was told that our insurance seemed to have misunderstood my conversation earlier that month about ADDING Natalie to our policy, and instead, they CANCELED our entire family policy. Bless.

Thankfully, we have the best pediatrician ever and he agreed to see us free of charge.  And I had a very special conversation with our insurance later that day.

Remember these fun little letters I shared in Natalie's follow-up nursery post? Well what I didn't share was that I hastily spray-painted them on our semi-new patio table and the paint seeped through the multiple layers of paper towels I had laid down. Classic me moment- getting things done quickly and not thinking through minor details like whether or not paper towels would actually block the paint from getting on the table. Turns out they don't.

Anyone know how to get white spray paint off of a black table? Sharpie? Black spray paint? ;)

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Happy weekend, friends!



  1. That photo just cracked me up! I'm the worlds worst about not checking the weather too!

  2. Depending on the paint finish, you might be able to use something with acetone (like paint thinner). Or you can sand off the white paint and repaint the whole thing.