Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life Lately (part 1)

The days are going by FAST! It's May, in case you missed it. Summer is almost here, and I cannot wait for the pool, vacation, and for friends and family to be on the same no-set-schedule routine that we're on all the time.

And since I got a little behind on my Life Lately posts, I'm going to split this post into two- you're welcome. ;)

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately!

I got to meet Mrs. Catherine Lowe at a shop near our house recently, and she was just as sweet in person as you would expect her to be. If she and Sean lived in Atlanta, Matt and I would legitimately work on being their besties. Can't wait to see them become parents this summer! #thankyousocialmediaformakingmefeellikewearefriends

At a weekend fair in Dunwoody, Ryan rode his first ferris wheel with Nonna and Papa...

his first car ride with Mommy...

and went through his first fun house with daddy. Such a fun afternoon!

Aunt Gigi and Miss Natalie enjoying some snuggles at the ball park :)

Ryan getting a picture with his big cousin Noah after he played his best game and took home the game ball. And Ryan in that hat- I feel like he went from looking not even two to almost twelve.

This little lady turned two months old!

We played with cousins at the park :)

Ryan dressing up in the best party favor ever from his cousin Jackson's Super Hero birthday party

He loves to check on his "sista" in the car and doesn't like when her carseat cover blocks his view. :)

We celebrated Noah at his 5th grade awards ceremony and I tried not to think about putting him on the school bus for the first time as a kindergartner, or how Ryan will be doing the same thing before we know it. Why must they grow?!

We celebrated Tally's third birthday at Cochran Shoals trail...
and stopped to obverse the ants along the path ;)

This girl has been full of wide smiles for her big brother!

We searched for turtles with Mimi at Piedmont Park...
And fed the ducks...
and enjoyed popsicles after a picnic lunch.

We joined our friends for a play date in Smyrna where we followed a mama duck and her 12 baby ducklings until they all got tired of toddler feet trying to get close to them.

We are loving these Spring days! The rest of our "life lately" shots will be up tomorrow.

Have a great day, friends!


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  1. I am so jealous that you met Catherine! She seems so chill. Your children are beautiful!